Why You Should Pick a Box of Chocolates as Your Gift This Year

9/23/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Chocolates are one of the most heart-warming gifts available and are apt for almost any occasion. With Christmas approaching you must be worrying about which gift will being the biggest smile of the face of your loved one. Chocolates, what else? Available in varied shapes and sizes they are the perfect choice for gifting to people. It is a joy to watch people unwrap a big box expecting chocolates because they come in comfortably small sized boxes that are easy to wrap and carry. When the box opens you simply have to watch the happiness spread from the eyes and to the lips and then broaden to show sparkling teeth and a joy that makes both the giver and receiver equally pleased.

How chocolates became so popular

If you are planning to chocolates as your next gift don’t think twice. Queen Victoria started the practice of gifting chocolates in the 1900s when she started giving away chocolates as Christmas and New Year gifts to the soldiers. This practice was quickly picked up by other European nations and turned into a global trend. There is a resplendent variety available complete in lip-smacking designs and decorations. To send Christmas Chocolates online a hamper is the best option. These usually contain green tea bags, fruits, cookies and gourmet chocolates. An interesting option nowadays is the chocolate bouquet. It looks quite similar to a regular bouquet except that the flowers are Ferrero Rocher. It is one flower that many would love to receive by post.

Chocolate gifting ideas  

Many people prefer gifting assorted box of chocolate because it offers a scope of flourishing their style and creativity which contains the essence of gifting. Chocolates of different flavors and designs can be packed together in this method of gifting. You can even pack in chocolates of national and international brands together to express a more eclectic taste. Milk and dark chocolates make a tasty combination which will be liked by health conscious people also. 

If you are not into commercial chocolate brands and prefer something closer home try various kinds of handmade chocolates. It is not a symbol of care but also an extraordinary gift for your loved ones. But it sure takes a lot of time and is much easier to choose unique designs and send chocolates online.

Why eating chocolates is good?

Chocolate offers a wealth of health benefits also starting from improving the mood. Dark chocolates contain flavanols, antioxidants and antidepressants which make you feel better. They improve blood pressure, brain functionality, the heart’s ability to pump blood and make your skin glow. Chocolate releases endorphins in the brain which reduces pain and stress. It is also known to boost metabolism even though it adds some amount of fat as well. It also has aphrodisiac qualities which can improve relationships and make you feel romantic. Casanova used to drink chocolate in place of champagne and called it the elixir of love. King Montezuma used to drink chocolate to retain his masculinity.