Adding Zing To Your Parties With Unique Dance Floor Designs

10/13/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

A party is an occasion to make merry, sing, dance and celebrate a special day. You can make your next party more enjoyable and appealing to the guests by including a dance-floor. People of all ages like to shake their leg on good music.

The sheer number of dancefloors design available for hire will leave you amazed. Read on to know some of the most popular styles of dancefloor hire in London.

  • Lights projected over the dance floor-An idea that is increasingly getting popular is to projected light over the dance floor in patterns or designs that match the theme of the party. This simple modification to the traditional dance floor renders a wonderful touch to it.
  • Dance floor over a pool-Make your party extra ordinary in terms of aesthetics by opting to cover the pool with the dance floor. Acrylic flooring options will make sure that your outdoor party space gets the most innovative décor. These type of dance floors are sure to leave a great impression in the mind of the visitants.
  • Decals on the dance floor-A very modern concept of dance floor designing is to use a variety of decals to create a bespoke outcome. For example, wordy decals make the dance floor personalised. Similarly, patterns or designs that reflect the character of the event can also be made as decal and pasted on the dance floor.
  • Dance floors with LED-Perhaps the most popular design of dance floors, LED can be used for a variety of effects. Consider the twinkling effect that gives the impression of the dance floor being under stars, or the lights changing colours as the music progresses to give a young and dynamic feel to the party. The options with LED in dancefloor hire in London are enormous.
  • Bright coloured acrylic dance floors-Thinking out-of-the-box gets a new definition when you consider acrylic dance floors. Choosing a bright blue dance floor will give the impression that you are dancing on top of water! This type of dance floors can practically be made according to your theme and the sensibilities of the occasion.
  • Rotating dance floor-Give the dancers undivided attention with rotating dance floors. These dance floors are sure to make the dancers feel special and shower them with lots of spotlight. Perfect for weddings and engagement ceremonies, these rotating dance floors can be made in various shapes and sizes, according to the gathering and venue specifications.
  • Geometric patterns on the dance floor-This might sound boring to you, but if done right, geometric patterns like straight lines, polka dots or polygons done in the right colours can add a touch of glamour to your party. Not only do these dance floors make the décor personalised, it is a great way to match your theme to the dance floor.
The dance floor has been a very old component of parties and get-togethers. The options of contemporary styling of the dance floor can make a big difference to the appeal of the party.

Many event planners offering dancefloor hire in London keep your specifications and theme in mind before suggesting a dance floor that is truly unique.