Coolest Companies in New Zealand to Work for

10/27/2017 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Working in a cool office at a big designation is everyone’s dream. Just like Twitter catered breakfast, Google’s ice cream machines and Apple’s mysterious infinite loop, there are a number of companies in New Zealand, which have cool offices and have high rated reviews from their employees. If there is a question in your mind like where you can work and live a luxury corporate life. Here we have selected some of the best companies within the country, where you can enjoy a luxurious work life. All these companies are the best rated and biggest companies in New Zealand. Some of them also have international presence.

Best Companies in New Zealand to Work for


This company has international presence and is the best place in New Zealand to work for because of the facilities and services given to their employees. The employees working here are highly satisfied with their mates and working environment. Xero is providing online accounting software solutions to their clients worldwide. They are providing specially made accounting software named zero to various type of businesses including hospitals, retail, high-tech, startups, cafes etc In 2014, they opened their brand new high-tech office in Auckland. They are building world-class monitoring of all Xero live services. Not only this, but there are many other benefits which makes this company the best place to work for within New Zealand.

        McKinsey & Company

There are a number of benefits of working in McKinsey & Company in New Zealand and worldwide. Maternity & paternity leave for 4 months for mothers and 8 weeks for fathers respectively is provided to the employees. Moreover, health insurance, 401k plan, health care facilities, pension, provident funds, bonuses and job security are some of the employee benefits provided by McKinsey & Company. Also, working in their offices is not more than working in a 5-star resort which includes cafes, gym and what more. If you are interested in working in leading consulting firm of New Zealand, you can contact the recruitment department at McKinsey & Company office contact number. Or if you are client of the company and want any type of consultation, contact their customer support department at McKinsey & Company contact details.


TradeMe is ranked third in the best companies to work for in New Zealand. The office boast various indoor games like pool, slides, democratic MP3 player, cafes, bars and a number of more facilities. One of the best thing about this company that you are not supposed to wear formal clothes. Employees working here came in t-shirts, bare foot, hoodies and slippers in office. There is no rule of wearing suits only. Around 500 employees are employed in at the three offices of TradeMe situated in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. According to Glassdoor review, employees here are highly satisfied. Moreover, employees can enjoy free weekly craft beer and lemonades on weekends.