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How Diwali Festival is celebrated across India?

10/05/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

This ancient festival has been celebrated for ages during ‘Treta Yug’ with great enthusiasm. However, different regions of India have different approach toward this festival or we can also say that there are many different ways to celebrate this festival.

This festival is traditionally believed to be a Hindu festival, but with the modernization, a homogenous has came into being and people with all religion come together to celebrate this auspicious day. Different culture and religion of India celebrate this day in their unique ways, but one thing that is common everywhere is Diwali shopping.

After lord Ganesha and Lakshmi pujan, this is the most important part of this festival. You definitely want to know about how this day is celebrated all over India. So, here are different states in which Diwali is celebrated in their own distinctive ways. Give a look:

Diwali Festival in Uttar Pradesh

In lord Rama’s native home Ayodhya, which lies in Uttar Pradesh, Diwali is one of the most enthusiastically celebrated festivals. Especially in pious place Varanasi’, Diwali is an intricate event, with the special Ganga Aarti done in evening. It lights up the entire Ganga River with lots of earthen lamps floating on it. A continuous chanting from priests is also an important part of this festival. To see the best Diwali in Uttar Pradesh, you should visit Varanasi or Haridwar.

Diwali Festival in Tamil Nadu

While most of state associates this Diwali with eating sweets and bursting crackers in evening, but in Tamil Nadu mostly people wind up the celebration by evening. On this day, people have to take a traditional oil bath with betel leaves and fragrant pepper in it.

After bathing, new clothes are worn with ‘Deepawali Lehiyam’ which is a tonic used by their ancestor. Followed this, bursting crackers and meeting loved ones is done. To see the real essence of this festival in south, you should visit Chennai or Rameshwaram.

Diwali Festival in Andhra Pradesh

In Andhra Pradesh, festivities include theatre similar to Dussehra. People make big statue of ‘Narakasura’ and burn it. They make this ‘Narakasura Dahan’ in the grandest possible ways. Use of fireworks, crackers and feasts are used in this celebration. Market places will be decorated for Diwali shopping. You should visit Hyderabad or Hampi to know more about their tradition.

Diwali Festival in Maharashtra

It is said that during lord Rama’s 14 year exile, he stayed in Panchvati which lies in Maharashtra. And due to this mythological connection, Diwali is celebrated with great zeal and vigour in this state. This day is followed by lord Ganesha and lakshmi pujan with some delicious sweets like karanji, chakali, anarse and many more. Marathis hang ‘Akash-Dive’ outside their house, which is the main tradition of Diwali. You should visit Nasik or Mumbai to see this beautiful celebration of Diwali.

Diwali Festival in Bengal

In Bengal, this festival is referred as a Kali puja. As you know, Goddess Kali is the ardently worshiped by Bengalis. On Diwali, they offer a feast of goat in the Kali pujan. Thereafter, the chanting and prayers are done. Homes are decorated with diyas and rangoli. At the end, they thank goddess Kali by bursting crackers. Just visit Kolkata for this type of huge celebration.

So, with some of these details about Diwali celebration across India, now you might have understood that there are many ways to celebrate Diwali, but the belief is always common.

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