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How to check the pregnancy using pregnancy kit

10/13/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for any women. While taking the pregnancy test only one word “Positive” has the power to change the life immediately. Women have to go through so many changes while transformation from women to mother.

Pregnancy is the paramount gift by God to womankind. Pregnancy brings so much happiness and responsibilities. There are so many medical procedures and pregnancy test toolkit are available in the market to confirm the pregnancy. But at the same time, there are so many homemade pregnancy tests existing that charge nothing. The early signs of pregnancy are different for every woman. Some women feel different signs and some feel others. So it is important to take a valid pregnancy test to ensure the pregnancy.

What confirms that you are pregnant?

The presence of human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) in the urine confirms pregnancy. After you get pregnant body generates ample amount of HCG that helps to create placenta. Most of the pregnancy methods confirm pregnancy by checking HCG level in. urine. After the confirmation women journey to the motherhood starts. With this counting of weeks and months also starts. One can schedule the important things based on due date. Better to keep track on due pregnancy contractions timings to take the necessary steps.

When to take a pregnancy test?

It commonly depends upon the pregnancy kit you use to test the pregnancy. Some tests are the more sensitive test from the other. The test can be the home-based pregnancy test and the test conducted with the help of the pregnancy toolkit. Pregnancy test varies according to the sensitivity level which is from 10 ml to the 40 ml.  The lower the number is the more sensitive is the test. An accordingly more sensitive test can detect the pregnancy earlier. Most of the kit can give you accurate result based on the day your period is due. Find below how to calculate the result by using pregnancy test kit.

  • Positive: If two colors appear in the T region of that pregnancy test than congratulations you are pregnant. You can consult a doctor for further confirmation.
  • Negative: If only one color band appears in the T zone of the pregnancy kit. This indicates the result is negative. You can repeat the test once after few weeks as sometimes it takes time to show the exact result. You should also consult a doctor to get the information.
  • Invalid: If no color bar appears in the T area you need to repeat the test. Better to take the test again as the test is invalid.
Commonly home pregnancy tests are 95 % to 99 % accurate. There are fewer chances of the wrong result. Sometimes it might happen if changes come in the HCG level because of some other reason. The pregnancy test can only calculate the HCG level sensitive accordingly they give the results. Always better to take test two times than consulting the doctor for the confirmation. This can help you to get the accurate information about the pregnancy.