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How To Choose Cleaning Products and Equipment

10/23/2017 John Evans 0 Comments

When choosing your cleaning products and equipment, you surely want to choose ones that can achieve the perfect clean results. Also, a cheap, effective, and fast service will attract many people. The thing you need is a well-tested process of cleaning products and equipment. Now, let’s check out this post to look at steps for choosing leaning products and equipment.
The products come with an SDS – Safety Data Sheet
In fact, a good product should come with an SDS called Material Safety Data Sheet. This factor is really important for each product. Indeed, if a product doesn’t have an SDS, you can’t use it in providing your cleaning services. Nowadays, most cleaning companies offer a master SDS binder in their products. All of them may meet federal requirements.
How the product works
In order to determine this, you will have to spend the most amounts of time and effort. But, it allows you to work through the other steps really quickly as long as you do this process well. For all product tests, you need to use the right measurements as well as observe dwell times. This aims to get a fair product comparison. There are many things you need to pay attention for a simple cleaning. They include dilution, application, rinsing procedure, dwell time, and dry time. 

Also, it’s essential to look and feel for your company’s visual clean criteria. To do this, you have to conduct testing in a laboratory. It’s ideal to apply an ATP testing system in your test.
The time-efficient products like other choices
It’s important to track the time to work as advertised when you are testing the new product. Also, you need to determine the amount of time you spend for using your current products. Then, use the data from step 2 to consider products working at the same time. This step will help you save your money on accomplishing the same goals. Indeed, you shouldn’t choose a product that you have to pay for labor cost. Sometimes, you can also consider a single product that may be able to use as an alternative for a pair or collection of others.
Choose supportive and safe products for your business
This step is especially important when you are looking for advertising the specific products you intend to offer your clients. You need to choose a product supporting your business to decrease the number of choices that go into testing.
Do you pay for water or product?
Almost cleaning products come with two primary forms including diluted and concentrated. In fact, you will have to pay for 90% of water in that bottle. That’s why you should choose bulk quantities of RTU products to avoid dilution steps or errors. Also, you can choose to find concentrate solutions if you don’t want to pay for water up front.
Where to find easily and effectively the product
It’s important to invest in a product that comes at a reasonable price and fits in your budget.
Retail Stores: They are great sources for consumer-grade RTU cleaning products. You can choose quickly the products with multiple locations. You should start with local retail locations due to the small order size and ease. But, this is one of the best expensive ways.
Wholesale Clubs: If you are looking for more to professionals with larger sized products, you should visit wholesale clubs. But, they may carry change very quickly. That means your products can go away after only a few months out of the year.
Internet Stores and Outlets: There are a lot of large and small online stores you can purchase common and specialty products. Furthermore, some of them offer discounts.
Professional Distributors: Most commercial cleaning contractors and distributors use this. In fact, many manufacturers want to concentrate on making the perfect product without muddied in education and sales. You can get the RTU options from them. They also ensure to stick with you for the long-term.
Do the products have a warranty?
You should choose a product coming with a warranty. In fact, it can help you save a lot of money on common repairs the equipment through the lifetime of the device. Make sure you read equipment reviews in a number of locations.
Does the equipment have supply and maintenance costs?
You need to consider the care and maintenance recommendations for expected supply replacements. It’s also very useful for determining an expectation for the ongoing costs of belts, filters, and hoses.
The expected life of the equipment
You can know the expected life of each piece of equipment through equipment manufacturers. We will give you some tips for the useful or expected life estimates here:
Cotton or Microfiber Cloths: a cloth requires 250 washes for about one year. That means one with 500 washes will last you two years. This is true if you use and wash the cloth daily.
Residential Vacuum cleaners: This is measured based on use once a week. That’s why you can use a residential model for five years. You should use them in three homes a day on weekdays.
Commercial Vacuum cleaners: This is measured based on continuous use several times a day. These vacuums are more expensive, but they can be able to last you longer. So, this is a more cost-effective investment. You needn’t spend much money over time.
Also, you need to pay attention to some other factors such as airflow, filtration, and lift for vacuums, as well as pH level for wet products, or care and life of microfiber.
In conclusion, choosing a good cleaning product and equipment is not easy as you think. Hopefully, you have a total overview of important steps for choosing the best cleaning products and equipment for your home. Let’s follow them to get the best choices that ensure to give you a good cleaning result. They are cheap, fast, as well as effective products for your cleaning. Good luck!