The Tolls, Travails and Transformation Possibilities After a Divorce or Break-Up

10/25/2017 John Evans 0 Comments

As humans, we tend to want to hang onto things forever. This is often true when people experience a life changing break-up or divorce. When people say their vows to each other, they expect the marriage to last a lifetime. They envision being together, enjoying family and mutual pursuits, well into their golden years. The same is true for couple who make a commitment to each other. This may mean an engagement or other expected outcome. Sadly, people often change. What makes people compatible in the early birthing pangs of a relationship do not always stay the same as time marches on.

For many individuals, a broken relationship, involving an important person in their lives, causes them to feel broken and devastated. Even if the other party has moved on, a person may still be stuck in the same place. They may experience intense feelings of loss, and their confidence may plummet. When people lose something important in their life, there is usually sadness and regret. If people remain in this broken state, they will never realize their future destinies. Yes, there is a healthy time to grieve a relationship loss, but ultimately people need to move on.

Sometimes people do not know how to accomplish this feat. They are often overwhelmed and frightened of the future. Perhaps they have never developed their self-esteem enough to persevere, even when totally alone. Some people think that they are only valuable when in a relationship. This is unhealthy, and oftentimes people become enmeshed in co-dependent relationships so deeply that they lose sight of their true selves. There is hope for life after divorce, significant break-ups and other types of relationship endings. Perhaps a close friend moves away or a long-term job ends.

There are excellent breakup/divorce coaches that offer valuable services. Some even coach people needing a new dating strategy. This kind of help allows people to begin the tough process of healing while strengthening the whole person. This includes ways to develop coping skills, self-esteem building education, mental mindfulness and so much more. A trained coach, with relationship and personal healing knowledge, can be your literal lifeline while going through the emotionally-draining storm following either divorce or devastating breakup. With this type of support, people can learn to move forward and uncover invaluable lessons learned through breakup experience.

Life lessons that people glean, following the loss of any meaningful relationship, is the key to learning how to fly through life again. With practice, support and time, individuals will even soar, enabling hope to arise within their hearts again. Hope is what makes people content with life. Hope sparks dreams, which can enable people to move forward in new, positive directions. Individuals can learn to smile and be happy again. While time is thought to heal all things, people that remain stuck in unhealthy thoughts, emotions and lifestyles may not think so. To find joy, a person has to actively seek for it.

During divorce proceedings, things can get emotionally charged. There may be resentments, unkind words and unbearable stress. Seeking help from a qualified divorce coach can help alleviate much of the stress. A coach can walk people through each step of the complex process of obtaining a divorce. They have resources, networking capabilities and recommendations for a myriad of things. The first steps after a divorce are the hardest. A divorce and life coach can give you tools to overcome the negative things hindering your ability to get on with building a satisfying life.

This moving on process does not just mean, "get over it already," like many people advise. Rather a person in this situation should reflect on what happened to gain insight as to what went wrong. People should take steps to find new support systems. Couples that have been together a long time often use each other as their main support. After a breakup, individuals often find that mutual friends may not give the same level of healthy support. Some may be reluctant to get involved. Consulting a divorce/breakup coach is a wise move. Check out Natalia Juarez, and ask for a free consultation.