Why you should watch lower league football

10/12/2017 Unknown 0 Comments

Sick of paying extortionate amounts for a big match ticket or paying hundreds for the latest season’s home kit? Premiership football attracts the big money and celebrity status but many feel the heart has gone out of the game. Here are some top reasons why you should go and watch lower league footy instead:

  1. You can guarantee getting hold of a ticket and you’ll always find a seat. Sadly, many of the stadiums where lower league teams play are often half empty so wrap up warm, grab a pie and come and cheer on the little guys. Inspire your own work or youth team with new Team Football Kits from
  2. Games don’t get called off for electrical failure like top games would. Fans will always find an ingenious way to carry on watching, even if the players are running around the pitch in the dark! That’s what mobile phone torches were invented for.
  3. There’s normally a pub on every corner, where you won’t have to stand 15 deep at the bar on match day.
  4. The pies are cheaper and the pints are less than £3
  5. Getting your face on TV is a) more likely in a half-empty stadium and b) way more exciting when your small club gets a moment of fame.
  6. The club shop is generally no bigger than your local newsagents but you can find everything easily and the prices won’t give you a heart attack either.
  7. If you own a home right next to the ground, chances are you can watch the match from the comfort of your own living room or balcony. They wouldn’t let you do that in the premier league!
  8. Everybody knows your star player, he pops in the local for a pint and lives down your street.
  9. Winning any trophy is a momentous life occasion followed by days of celebration. A sense of absolute euphoria that has somehow been lost for Manchester United fans, for example.
  10. You’ll definitely be able to afford a season ticket and might even be assigned a special seat.
  11. The grounds are both weird and wonderful, some being played on pitches with significant slopes. Most grounds will have something quirky, unusual and absolutely charming about them that you just don’t get in the big leagues.
  12. The quality of the football being played is surprisingly good. And while mistakes might be more commonplace, it’s great to see lots of goals – we all love goals!
  13. Feel like a valued visitor and contributor to a club and not be herded around like a flock of sheep in a corporate environment.
  14. Who can resist the half-time raffle? Your odds of winning are a lot higher!
  15. Experience the greatness of the FA Cup. For one day, your club can be thrust into the limelight and winning a match can mean prize money of thousands for the club. This is enough to set the club up financially for a few years and really change a club’s fortunes.