Potential of HPLC in the Chromatography analysis

11/22/2017 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

HPLC means High Performance Liquid Chromatography. It is a technique which separates and quantifies different components in a mixture based on certain physical and chemical properties.

How it works?

HPLC instrument consists of reservoir(s), a pump, an injector, a separation column and a detector.

Reservoir holds the solvent(s) also referred to as mobile phase. A high pressure pump forces the liquid mobile phase and controls it’s flow . An injector injects the sample into the flow of mobile phase stream which carries sample into the HPLC column. This column contains chromatographic packaging material. Here packaging material is the stationary phase. A detector located after the column is used to detect the eluting compounds. Signals from detectors are collected on recorders and displayed on a computer.

Potential of HPLC:

HPLC plays an important role in analytical chemistry. This technique is used mainly in food, pharmaceutical industries and environmental monitoring. The potential of HPLC is discussedbelow.

-HPLC is highly efficient analytical technique. HPLC uses high pressure pump. It can give accurate results within a small period of time. Automation makes this technique simple. It can separate a wide range of components. This technique is able to separate thermally unstable, non-volatile and polar components. It can quantify high molecular weight compounds to small molecules,biopolymers and ions. It is also used to purify the individual components of a mixture.

-HPLC is a versatile method.This technique can be used in different industries. It can be used in pharmaceutical industry to check feasibility of a new drug before marketing. It also analyses the stability of a drug. It can also detect impurities in a sample. HPLC also indentifies the presence of drug in urine and other body fluids.

In food industry, it is used in analysis of additives and preservatives.

-HPLC also covers pesticide residue for ensuring safety of foods of natural origin.

Most of the laboratory involved in analysis of samples ranging from pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, herbal medicines and health supplements are main uses of HPLC Systems. In Addition the techniques also find numerous applications in basic research laboratories