Some advantages of using the auto dialer option:

11/30/2017 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Companies in these days try to make use of the most important technology called telephony technology for certain reasons such as inside sales, customer support delivery, and the cold calling. However, if you ask how many organizations implement the right kind of technology for the calling purposes, the answer for this question is surprisingly low. Most of the organizations settle for the manual dialing machines, where in that the representative has to punch the things literally in most number of calls. Moreover, most number of calls land up on answering machine, only few of them are engages and only few number of them are unavailable else we can convey that they are dead. After all struggle, the agents or the representatives can go through in dialing right digit. Let me ask one question, how many productive calls do you think that he or she can make in single day? The site called the vicidial can operate in this side.
Now, let us discuss about what does the predictive dialer means.  The predictive dialer is the most intelligent outbound call managing and the processing systems. This helps in employing the computer algorithm, based on some complex probabilistic and the statistical modeling, in order to make the calls to some telephone number few to the database and thereby assign some kind of live calls to the available agents. This is the continuous process, so there is no waiting time of reach number of calls, rather the calls can answered suddenly.

Now, let us discuss about what are the greatest advantages on using this kind of option in the organization. The biggest advantages on using this software is that this greatly employs an efficient algorithm, this is one just to predict on how long an agents will be on calls and when this exactly make next calls. This also analyze on how many calls this should make actually, factoring in call dropping ratio for certain campaign and thereby you can analyze some other date derived through the statistical methods. Based on some main present parameters as number of agents available, the great number of lines operational as well as the average time the agent spends on the call, this can change the frequencies of call or the dial ratio.

Nowadays, the agents do not have to deal with the endless wait when the call is connected, try to listen to the different caller tunes all the day, find out the answering machines at the other end, get no answer or the busy tones. The screening will be carries out by using these predictive dialers and this cut down on some unproductive time expended during the operation. This kind of dialer not only detects the call results, but this also places the record under different form of categorized in some server database. Most of the organizations make use of this wonderful technology, because they thought that they could utilize this welfare for their company employees.