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All about carpets/rugs and how to buy them

12/15/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

In the age of candles and chandeliers, the third cog in the wheel of ancient luxury, used to be carpets. Sounds absurd, doesn't it? Well, when a grandiose rug costs more than the land which an entire city is built on; it's time we get rid of our disbelief. From being spread beneath the posterior of a mahout, to being used to keep royal feet off the impure floor, carpets have had a very long journey, indeed.

Birth of the carpet market

The Moguls introduced the bulk of them. Babur’s invasion at Panipat meant that indigenous textile carpets would be pushed into the metaphorical dark cellar for a long while. Persian designs caught the fancy of the common man and heavily influenced our contribution to the oriental pool of carpet designs. Over the course of the Mogul occupation, the carpet industry saw radical changes.

However, to call it an industry is a misnomer, as a streamlined, professional business did not, at the time, exist anywhere in India. Local artisans with a great amount of skill spent inordinately long periods of time working on a carpet or rug.

Morphing into the modern aspect

Demand was heavy, but irregular and waiting periods, for obvious reasons, extended for months on end. Gradually, Indian carpets came to be known far and wide, and orders from foreign countries began piling up. The exotic embroidery and fantastic floral designs, among many, gained loads of foreign admirers.

As a result, the export business of carpets overtook the indigenous market in leaps and bounds. For the dotcom generation, everything can be found online and carpets are no exception.

How to buy carpets online

To buy rugs online, all one needs to do is -
  1. Access the internet on any standard browser. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox offer additional add-ons that allow online shopping websites to be accessed easily from the blank home page itself. An advantage of this approach is that one can remain logged into his or her personal account which makes receiving notifications easier and instantaneous.
  2. Google the keyword carpets and rugs online India’ and, after choosing from the resulting links, visit any online shopping website. An important factory to consider beforehand is the price, of course. Although these websites keep offering discounts from time to time, mainly for clearing stocks, the cost of a carpet or rug can sometimes be prohibitively expensive. Recently, a number of websites have cropped up that list the best deals after collecting data from multiple online portals. Perusing them, it is possible to get a pretty good deal and helps keep the purchase within the budget constraints of the customer.
  3. Sort through carpets and rugs available in a variety of sizes, designs and materials, with designs ranging from floral, historical, or arabesque etc., for example, abstract designs look better in offices that aim for a creative ambience, and art workshops.
  4. Add them to your online shopping cart and order it after double-checking the delivery date and the address that you've entered.
  5. Enjoy the luxury of a plush carpet beneath your feet.