All You Need to Know About Fall Arrest Roof Anchors

12/27/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

For a complete fall protection system, you need to install anchor point. Fall arrest roof anchor are installed on roof to prevent the workers from falling off. Many people fall from roof and die, while some gets injured. To reduce the risk of falling from roof, fall arrest roof anchors are installed.

The anchor points can be of two types it may either be a permanent one or temporary. There are many forms of fall protection and fall arrest roof anchor is one of it. Workers need training before using fall protection equipment. 

During training period, they are provided knowledge both for practical and theoretical aspects. For general workers the classes for fall arrest is usually of 8 hrs, but for the workers who climb towers, their training may be extended up to additional 8 hrs. 

The training is all about the use, inspection, maintenance and how to face problem, while using fall protection equipment. Actual pressure on user and anchor varies with the weight, height and type of rope of the user.

Fall arrest roof anchors can be used for commercial, residential and standing seam roof anchors. There are two types of fall arrest namely:
  • General fall arrest like nets
  • Personal fall arrest such as lifelines
Thumb rule to be followed is about 5 elements of fall arrest. Mentioned below are 5 of fall arrest system.
  • Anchorage is a point where equipment’s such as lifeline, lanyards can be attached.
  • Body wear is designed in such a way that it protects the workers or any person from any injury or damage. This body wear is attached with a rope or cable.
  • Connector helps the harness to connect with lanyard. Lanyard is a strap which can be worn around wrist, shoulder or neck. Its purpose is to help the workers to carry id cards, keys with them.
  • Deceleration device is designed to dissolve the force in the event of fall arrest. It is highly recommended and is considered a good practice.
  • Emergency plan and equipment – it is a simple and clear approach to save the suspended worker from fall arrest event. It is mandatory that all workers of site must be familiar with the plan of site and should be competent to implement the plan.
There are some strict standards set for different combination of products which are used commonly to assemble a full arrest system and it must me complied with.

Personal Fall Protection System

For selecting a good and proper anchor point, it is necessary to check that the equipment’s are enough capable of supporting minimum 5000 pounds per employee. This standard is set because if a person who is not an engineer surveys the location, then he has to verify his assessment. 

The anchors should be rigid enough. The anchor point should be of steel, but wooden anchor point is also acceptable only if engineer certifies. Equipment’s needed are imbeds, eyebolts, turnbuckles, beam clamps and should be inspected closely.

There are so many things that should be avoided to include in the list of anchor points. They are listed below: -
  • Standard guardrails
  • Scaffolding
  • Ladders
  • Standard railings
  • Plumbing
  • Light fixtures
  • Pipe vents
  • Rebar
  • Wiring harnesses
  • Fans
  • Vents
  • Lanyards
  • Roof stacks
You can always take help of manufacturers before selecting the best system and equipment’s.
So, all the important information related to fall arrest roof anchors are given in above paragraphs and certain things which need to be avoided in installation of anchor point are also mentioned.