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Pregnancy in relation to pesticides

12/01/2017 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Pregnancy in relation to pesticides is going to pose numerous questions and there is a distinct reason for it.  Alarming levels of exposure is a grave area and it is recommended that you avoid pesticides during pregnancy. Ants of fleas are some of the reasons could be some of the reasons on why women spray pesticides around their homes.

Any form of insecticides or pesticides is embedded with chemicals that go on to attack the nervous system of the insects whereby they die. It is during the starting stages of pregnancy, the nervous system of the baby is at a developing phase and ideally you would not love to have any contact with the pesticides at this point of time.

Studies do point to the fact that the greatest risk to pesticides is during the first 3 to 8 weeks of pregnancy where the neural tube development is occurring. One of the tips to protect against pesticides is that if you live in an agricultural area and find that there is an increase in the use of pesticides. Then the best course of action would be to isolate you from that area till the pregnancy is over.

The golden rule that needs to be followed is to avoid pesticides as far as possible. Numbers indicate that 3 out of 4 women are exposed to pesticides around their home. It was also pointed out that pregnant women who were exposed to household garden pesticides had an increased chance of limb or heart defects. If you are living adjacent to an agricultural area you might be prone to the same set of defects as well.

It was revealed that kids who were exposed to indoor pests had a higher chance of contracting leukaemia. This risk tends to be high during the first three months of pregnancy and there are professional pest providers around your area as well. Most of the toxins that are embedded in pesticides are compounds that are a natural part of plants.

The word health might go with them, but natural or organic in no way means that you can consider them to be safe. Any chemical be it a natural one has the potential to cause harm if not handled in a proper manner. Ensure that you make it a point that you read the instructions of the pesticides before you put them to use.

The key is to understand that you should panic once you have been exposed to pesticides. Any form of risk arises from long term of intense exposure of any form. Say for example, if your dog is treated for fleas and you are exposed to pesticides then the risk to the baby is going to be less. The key is to limit your exposure to pesticides as far as possible.

Once again it should be avoided during the starting phase of pregnancy when the baby is developing. Ideally you can ask for someone to apply it for you and it should be kept away from the food area.