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Factors to Consider When You Have Knee Pain

1/16/2018 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

There can be so many factors that may cause knee pain. Regardless of the cause, the experience of a knee pain is quite miserable. In order to not let the situation elevate, you may have to follow certain rules.

You may be able to treat knee pain at home by following certain ways, even if the pain may be a result of a long term illness or an injury.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts for knee pain that you must follow:
  1. Don’t overburden yourself: Make sure that you don’t do anything extra. Exercising is a great option, but rigorous exercise can do more harm than good when you are suffering from knee pain. You may have to avoid certain types of exercise that involves jumping, squatting, and running as they exert a lot of pressure on your knees. If done otherwise, it can turn the situation worse and result in more pain. Certain low impact exercises like swimming and walking to be helpful, but also should be done in moderation. Stretching is also very important when you plan on exercising.
  2. Do use a walking aid: It is better to use a walking aid. By relying on a cane, you will not be putting extra weight on your injured knee. With the help of a knee brace or splint, you will be able to add more stability to your movements. You will be able to purchase all these items easily from any online store or pharmacy.
  3. Do not take any chances: If you have an injured knee, falls can be frequently experienced. You should always keep your home well lit. Also hold the handrails when you are climbing the stairs. If you need something that it present on a high up shelf, don’t hesitate to take help from others. Taking chances could result in a more dangerous situation. Knee pain relief is the ultimate key to your condition, and re-injuring yourself will take your farther from relief.
  4. Do implement “RICE”: RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. It is extremely beneficial for a painful knee. You will have to keep your knee at rest for a stipulated period of time. Ice can help in relieving inflammation and swelling. You can make use of a comprehensive bandage as well for keeping your knee elevated.
  5. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes: It is very important that you wear shoes that fit you right and are comfortable in nature. You can reduce the stress on the knees by purchasing shoes that have cushioned insoles. Special insoles are available in different variations.
  6. Do visit a doctor: If the situation is not improving, you will have to rely on the opinion of a doctor. Doctors are specialized in dealing with such issues and they will know the best. Don’t waste too much time and visit a specialist in order to prevent any further damage.
Following the knee pain dos and don’ts will help you be aware of the factors that need to be done when a crisis arises.

Heal your knee pain as fast as possible by following this checklist judiciously.