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1/29/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

There are various sources of income in the market,and people go for any of them as per their requirement. In many cases, the people are not happy with their income and look for other options that can help them to get some side income. The share market offers an opportunity to have trading in shares of different companies listed on the stock exchanges. One can go for quick money with the help of intraday trading or make a portfolio for long-term benefits with the help of trading in delivery based trading.

Which option should one go for?

There are various types of trading in different segments when it comes to trading in stock market. One needs to check his amount of investment and risk-bearing capacity while going for any type of trading. One also needs to check if he is going for the long-term benefits or short term. For any type of trading in any segment, one needs to have a trading and a demat account. As per the regulators of the stock market, the trading is possible in the trading account only. For this one can contact any service provider and check with the best discount broker in India that can help one to trade with lowest brokerage charges. 

Well, it depends on the requirement and aim of the client what type of trading will be fine by him.
The trading:

The trading can be done in cash or derivative segment. One can go for intraday trading in the cash segment if he wants to make a small profit regularly and that too with limited risk. If one wants to go for the long-term profits, he can invest the amount in the shares of blue chip companies and hold the shares for along duration. He can wait for the increase in rates and earn dividend declared by the companies during this period. He can also trade in the intraday market on the basis of credit of delivery shares. Once the rates of these companies are increased, he can simply sell the shares and book profit.

In the derivative market also one can trade in futures as well as options where there are several contracts with the date of expiry. One can buy or sell the contracts and book heavy profit before the expiry of the contract. However, in case of loss there is the probability of heavy loss also in this type of trades,and hence one needs to have position squared off before the date of expiry. In this trading one can have along time to hold or square off the position which is the biggest benefit of this type of trading.

For every trading, there are certain charges that the client needs to pay to the broker. This charge is known as brokerage,and in this market, there is no fixed rate of brokerage available. Hence one must check brokerage rates before account opening as well as the beginning of trading in any of these sections of the stock market.