Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Full Episode Cast and Main Characters:

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Zee TV serial Aap Ke Aa Jane Se had been making the thrill since the promos went on air. The show premiered last week and stood up to the expectations of the viewers. The story revolves around a 24-year-old guy Sahil and 42-year-old widow Vedika. 

They fall soft on, by ruling out their variations. Age, perception, category and standing don’t touch them. Their love gets opposed by Sahil’s family. Sahil doesn’t let their vast love shatter due to the age bar. Sahil and Vedika prove out that love extremely conquers all. Their relationship becomes an ideal one with time. They face several troubles in between.

The story is unconventional. The love journey of Vedika and Sahil are going to be seen. They cross not possible hurdles returning in their manner. Vedika’s attack their relation gets ennobling. Vedika and Sahil get hitched with. Their age distinction starts returning between them. Sahil’s family alerts him of the complications. Sahil and Vedika trot out their modification in perception and alternative conflicts.
Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Zee TV Serial Main Characters:


Sahil could be a young, carefree and charming guy. he's sturdy headed occasionally. He is aware of what he needs in his life. He contains a broad outlook. He doesn’t let anyone have an effect on his selections. Sahil belongs to a chic family. 

He doesn’t wish society to require his life’s selections. He respects individuals. he's beloved by everybody. He acts stubborn to form his demands consummated. He follows his heart. He will what he feels right. He raises voice against wrong. He believes in dynamic the incorrect into right. He lives life on his terms. He falls soft on with Vedika. He doesn’t let their age distinction have an effect on his love. Sahil decides to marry Vedika.


Vedika could be a old, conservative and caring single mother. She has lost her husband. She takes care of her family. She is daring enough to face by her selections. She faces money issues. She doesn’t wish to lose her house to her in-law. She lets Sahil keep as a PG.

Vedika finds Sahil a clean-hearted guy. Vedika reciprocates Sahil’s love. Vedika shows a lot of maturity in addressing the complications arising between Sahil and her. She isn’t carefree like Sahil. She thinks additional of society and relatives’ opinion. Her perception begins to vary by Sahil’s influence.

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se Cast: 

Karan Jotwani Playing the role as Sahil Agarwal
Suhasi Dhami Playing the role as Vedika
Geeta Tyagi Playing the role as Badi Amma