Keep your study room simple

2/21/2018 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

If you are separating a child’s room in your house then make sure that it becomes their space of retreat. Having a separate room always makes the child independent.

They build a small world inside that room where they can do what they love like reading, scribbling, playing and many more things. So one should keep in mind the comfort quotient of the room when they are decorating it.

Also the decor should not be too clumsy so that the child does not feel suffocated. From study table for kid’s designs to book shelves and other things should be sleek in nature. Try not to make the room decor complicated. Instead try to keep it simple and vibrant.
  • The first thing that one should consider is the size of the room. The furniture size and every other thing depend on what the size of the room is. A study room is generally not very big and so huge tables and chairs are something that one does not want. One should keep enough space in the room so that the child can relax and stretch their arms and legs when needed. Also the chair should be comfortable enough so that the child can sit there for long hours and feel comfortable. One can go for colourful cushions to keep a back support and again it should not be too cosy so that the child feels lazy. This will harm their study. Also there should be enough space in the room so that one can keep book holders and shelves.
  • If you go for a computer table to keep the laptop then keep in mind that the table should be multifunctional. Also one can make use of a study table only to keep the laptop. They take less space and one does not need to keep separate tables for that. Also try to buy a table which has several drawers so that one can keep important things there and they should not remain scattered everywhere.
  • Buy a study table which is durable enough to last at least 10 to 15 years. Try to go for wooden tables which are generally more durable that the ply ones. You can also choose the colour of the table at par with the room colour. Also go for tables which have round corners and not the sharp ones. The sharp corners can make your child injured.
  • The study chair should be at par with the study table. The height of it should match so that the child can sit comfortably and study.
  • Keep the wall colours simple yet vibrant. One can choose some pastel shades or plain shades so that the light gets reflected well in the room. Also try not to put too many colours on a single wall. This will make the room dark.
One can always buy study table online. There are many varieties available on those sites. One can select the size and height of the table according to the room.