How online proctoring has become a part of hiring

3/21/2018 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Often time’s situation comes that you would want to conduct an assessment for hiring but candidates tend to cheat so that they score well. But this kind of test would give completely wrong evaluation which in turn would cost a lot to the company.

That is why, it is important that you focus on choosing the right assessment platform by which your business can get good returns at the same time, you have a candidate who is actually worth to get hired. Failing to take timely action would eventually cost your company the most may be now or later and this is the main reason why you must be extremely careful.

Online proctoring: An advanced solution

Online proctoring is used for the betterment of the candidates and the company equally. The focus of online proctoring is to make sure the unnecessary risk of wrong hiring is avoided. Besides, the candidates don’t cheat at any platform and they make sure the right set of questions is given to the candidates and the valuator is able to keep an eye on each one of them through some of the advanced ways that includes:

Web camera:
When the evaluation test begins, there would be a web camera installed on the computer of the candidate and will be active from the tile test starts till the time tests ends. This way irrespective of the location, the evaluator is able to focus on whether the candidates is moving or cheating or trying to do any of the cheating. This way it becomes possible that evaluator could show the real proof on how the candidate was caught on camera while cheating. Since, the candidate would be aware about the whole situation, eventually the risk of wrong hiring could possibly be avoided.

Proctoring software:

This is a perfect example of protecting your company from any risk of cheating or wrong hiring. With the proctoring software installed, the evaluator gets a complete view of what is the candidates actually doing in the computer in that a particular time. Besides, it also gives a clear idea on whether the candidates is surfing any pages for the answer or not. This way, it alerts the valuator and gives a clear idea on how the person can be a big risk if hired since he has already done some sort of cheating.

Understand the benefits:
The best part about such test is it is highly secured and private. Besides, it allows the candidates to come across a meaningful test which boost up their confidence level as they themselves can analyse the whole test. Not only this, it also allows the candidates understand how the reputation of the company has grown since they have even focused well on building up the strong assessment solution. It is a one-time investment for which to solve the test the candidates don’t really have to be present at the company at all.

With so many benefits and great features, no doubt that it is worth the investment to be made.