Maxoptra, A Web Based Company Catering Towards All Your Logistics Based Queries

3/26/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Maxoptra is a logistics based company that makes use of a highly organized and well managed site that aids in customers with the delivery and fleet management operations. Maxoptra was founded out of United Kingdom Company named Magenta Technology that has been working towards providing the same benefits and comfort to its customers since 1999.

The USP of the Maxoptra is that it provides its customer with a complete suite of software solutions that are used for scheduling their transport of goods or the delivery schedules to different places by accessing the advanced and user friendly site. Many of the world renounced companies that have been benefitted by the Magenta’s technological features and advancements in order to properly schedule all their problems related to logistics management in real time.  Thus the success under Magenta Technologies Led the founders of the company to develop and initiate Maxoptra, a logistics solution company that facilitated its customers with the same features, but this time it wasn’t just limited to the market leaders but is also available to any size of businesses whether big or small, new or already established.

The practice of collaborating with the customers made it more easy for the company to comprehend thy type of web-based service to be provided to the clients in order to aid them with a service that is user friendly, pretty affordable and highly customizable for and by business of every and any size.

Different Features of the company

  • Planning- you can use the web-based service of Maxoptra to personally design your desired routes for dispatch of the products and make custom changes to it.
  • Dispatching- alert notifications are facilitated to the company owner with regards to the dispatching schedule.
  • Control- you as an owner have complete control over the entire scheduled process and keep a track of everything happening through the day.
  • Multi-Drop Points- the distinctive feature provided by Maxoptra lets you design the most cost-efficient route pertaining to multiple drop points making the most efficient use of transport resources available.
  • Routing – the right amount of load for a particular vehicle, the ETA for a delivery and the total freight that can be delivered in a day can all be calculated and managed through Maxoptra.

The Maxoptra logistic solutions company is a web based company that provides you with all the right amount of features and control you need to take your company to new heights. In order to get along with this company, click on the link below