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Purpose of using the lie detector test

3/09/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

lie detector
The lie detector test is used in identifying the truth for different purposes. The polygraph is done over the nation with the accredited examiners. The lie detector test is specialized in the private cases of theft, infidelity and false accusations. The test is provided with excellence through the strict code of conduct. The commercial standards can also regulated by the use of lie detector tests.

Cost of live detector test:

The cost of the lie detector test is very high as it includes polygraph test, pre-test consultation, and venue, verified reports and also travel if it required. The lie detector test is conducted near to you in most of the towns and cities. The test is conducted in a private room near your location. You should pay the cash in advance for the test because we need to incur the costs in order to setup and perform the tests. The initial amount which you pay is non refundable and you can pay the remaining balance within 24 hours before taking the test. The payment will do only through the electronic payment methods credit or debit cards, PayPal.

Condition of the person:

If the person is on medication then they must inform us in advance so that we can inform whether they are suitable for the test or not. If the medication is not specific to physiological changes then you can arrive for the test taking the medication as normal.

When the person is addicted to drugs or alcohol then he must be clean for 24 hours before he takes the lie detector test. The test is also done on the pregnant and who did not complete 8 weeks after giving birth. When you make an appointment with us then you can associate automatically to our nearest office. We will disclose the location once if the booking has been confirmed.

As a sign of deception the lie detector is done both psychologically and physiologically. A trained examiner will monitor you when you enter into the testing environment. The examiners will use the technologies instruments in order to measure the responses to your questions. These questions will normally end with the closed answers which are clear in one direction or the other. The main purpose is to measure and detect the deception in the criminal cases. The physical signs are monitored with the number of devices which are connected to the system.