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Top 5 Tips For Women Post Pregnancy

3/14/2018 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

Pregnancy is a wonderful feeling. But it is often said that pregnancy is not just about those 9 months. People often think that after those 9 months things will get a lot easier for the woman. But that is so not true. After giving birth to the baby, women go through a series of different kinds of issues. Many women go through post partum depression and many struggles to get over with the excess fat that they gained during the pregnancy.

Many women read tons of post pregnancy magazines in hindi or English. But just reading them will do no good. You have to work out to make that excess fat go away. Now if you sit and compare yourself to all the celebrity mums out there, you are just going to lower your own morale. And also I have seen a number of women who have lost the excess weight post pregnancy in a successful manner. You just need to follow a healthy lifestyle and you will get into good shape both physically and mentally.

So, in my article today I am going to give a couple of tips for women who have just given birth. Keeping these points in mind will not only help in making things easier but will also help you with the weight loss thing.
  1. Please do not try dieting. You have just given birth and that means you have been through a lot of stress mentally and physically. Going on a diet may make things worse for you. Also, you need to keep your body strong and fir. Dieting may make you weak. But yes, avoid having junks and eat a lot of fruits and juices.
  2. It is also believed that through breast feeding, many women can lose some extra calories. So, when it comes to feeding your child, please go with breast feeding. It is good for the baby and also beneficial for you.
  3. You need to have a fitness regime. After the baby is born, mothers and grandparents exercise the kid’s body and try making its bone strong. This is the time when you too need rigorous training. It is also helpful in the longer run.
  4. You need proper sleep. Having a kid obviously mean that you cannot get your 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. This is why you need to sleep when the baby sleeps. So basically. You child’s nap time is your nap time.
  5. A belly wrap is a much recommended thing for all women post pregnancy. Obstetricians highly recommend them. They are not just helpful in maintaining a posture, but also it is noticed that it helps in controlling the tummy from growing.
So, here were my top 5 tips for women post pregnancy. I hope these points’ help. But in case you need to hear it from someone else, then you can always go to your doctor and ask for suggestions. Also, you can buy post pregnancy magazines in Hindi or English. There are tons of tips in there too.