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Hacks to make your Childs bed more comfortable and give him a peaceful sleep.

4/26/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

A family feels so complete when your house glitters with the laughter of your child. It seems like the air changes when a child steps in a house. Responsibility comes along a child, in fact some amount of extra concern is a must. A child will be moving and playing around without thinking of its own safety, because that is what kids are for, but you have to be the sensible one planning the house decor according to the criteria’s for your child.

When a child makes the move from a crib to a bed, there are a number of safety issues that have to be considered by you. You have to make sure that his safety should be your first priority. Doctors suggest that a child should be shifted from a crib to a toddler bunk bed as soon as he is somewhat around 35 inches tall. Your child should be sleeping comfortably in a toddler bed before making the next move to a full-size bed.

Hacks you should remember to make beds comfortable for your child:
  1. A child’s bed should allow for easy climbing because a toddler might be afraid of the height. Neither have you wanted to take that risk. Toddler beds must a simple design and sit low to the floor. There should be no cut outs or nails which are lose either towards their head or feet. Whether your child is transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed or from a toddler bed to bigger bed, select a style with a neat and simple construction with rounded edges instead of sharp edges. Parents must also remember that a child graduating from crib to a toddler bed is going from a bed low in height to a higher height and then a regular size bed of another design.

  1. Remember to buy the mattress at the same time you buy your child’s bed. That way you can be absolutely sure that you get the right mattress size which fits in perfectly. If a mattress fits the bed too short, there may be gaps where a child can get entrapped between the mattresses. If it is too long then it would not fit the beds edges making it uncomfortable for the child. Also bunk beds or loft bunk beds can save up a lot of space rather than a normal bed. A toddler needs some essentials like extra cloth or a water bottle and some toys. Therefore loft bed bunks can be your best choice.

  1. Position your child’s bed away from windows, and electrical wires or boards. Those can be dangerous for your special one. Never put a child’s bed where she/he can reach the cords of a window shade because you definitely do not want them to get hurt accidently if they place their hands somewhere near the windows.

  1. Make sure that the toys you keep in the bed for your child do not have any rough edges which might cause them serious injuries. Also avoid plastic toys rather take some soft cotton toys or teddies.