Smartest Deals Are Now Here and That Also Within the Proper Budget For the Courier

4/25/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

It's a good idea to track online where an ordered courier is currently located. But what if suddenly the status "delivered" is displayed, but you have not received any goods and no notification card is still in the mailbox?

Can the package be delivered to a neighbor?

Many parcel service providers reserve the right of this so-called substitute delivery within their terms and conditions. What few people know: These clauses are for the most part ineffective. This has already been confirmed by both the OLG Cologne and the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court.

If you do not want a consignment to be delivered to the neighbor, you can already report this in the online shop, e.g. in the comment field on the order page. The dealer then has the option to book the addition "by hand" at the delivery company. Then it is ensured that only the right recipient gets the shipment. If it is not found, the package will be taken to a branch where you can pick it up.

What can I do if an unknown neighbor does not deliver the package?

If you have not indicated the neighbor as a recipient when submitting the order, you can always first contact the dealer. This is responsible for the fact that you also get your goods. If the (unknown) neighbor intercepts the shipment, the dealer is obliged to reimburse you the purchase price. He is not obliged to deliver the ordered product again.

Is it legal to simply put a package on your doorstep?

There is so-called garage, filing or parking permits. In these, the deliverer agrees with the recipient a place where he may expressly put the package - such as a garage. The shipment just off the door cannot be found in the terms and conditions of the deliverer and is therefore not allowed! For the Parcel to Spain from UK  you will be able to have the smartest option now.

And if it was placed on the doorstep and then stolen?

Here again, the dealer is the contact person for you. If the package is lost, the dealer must reimburse you the purchase price, even if a third person has stolen a package, which the deliverer has simply placed in front of the door.

What can I do if my parcel arrives damaged?

For the sake of simplicity, you should have an obvious damage noted directly by the deliverer. On the other hand, if the packaged product has suffered damage, this can often only be seen after unpacking.

The statutory provisions provide for a warranty period of two years. Within the first 6 months, it is assumed that the damage already existed upon delivery, after which the customer has to prove it.

Many dealers provide in their terms and conditions that the consumer must indicate the defect within a certain time. Such so-called reprimand deadlines are almost always ineffective because they violate mandatory legal regulations.