Bandhani Saree– Bride Imparting Good Luck

5/18/2018 Dhanur Chauhan 0 Comments

A saree is the Indian traditional outfit of adult woman. It is the large cloth draped around the body of woman. They are available in many forms one of them is bandhanisaree. It is a type of saree which means tying up. This word has derived from Sanskrit ‘Bandhan’. It is designed by plucking the cloth with the nails. Such type of saris are mainly produced in the state of Gujrat and Jaipur.

The country India is known worldwide for its culture of saree in fact it is the only dress code of the women living in the backward society. The culture of saree is prevailing from the ancient past and demand of western outfit is considerably lower than this.

Latest fashion in the Indian economy
Modern fashion has merged the concept of such saree into the bridal wear saree. India fashion is enhancing the outfit of bride through this cloth. The design of cloth contains the traditional design as well as modern concept. In a country where most women are having a single outfit format it becomes necessary to provide them option to choose between different varieties of same outfit.

The entire dress is designed by picking the cloth either with the finger nails or nails. The technique so adopted for the manufacturing of such dress has derived from earlier past. The use of nails creates dots and circular pattern on the saree. Such designs are used to highlight the real pattern on the soft or silk clothes.

Manufacturing and Production of Bandhani Saree
The bandhani saree is designed by the experts who has hand on them. Manufacturers following the old tradition has got expertise on the production of such saree. It involves unique designs and patterns which is next to impossible for the normal manufacturers. Certain families has employed their member for the production of this saree. People who wish to provide some sort of traditional flavor to the bridal saree can use this technique.

Introducing the flavor of Good Luck in the Dress of Bride
The demand of such saris in India is higher from the beginning. People believe that bandhani brings good luck to the user. This is the major cause for the bandhani touch to the saree of bride. It is believed that if the bride wears bandhani at the day of marriage she will being good luck to the in-laws. 
Initially manufacturing of such saris was more in the western India but now days it is commonly produced all around the country due to increase in the demand. This sari is most effective when it is in the red, pink and orange color. In the India wedding the bride is expected to appear in red dress therefore if the dress has the characteristics of bandhani it provides a better look to the bride.

Another importance of using the bandhani in the dress of bride is to wish the secure and long lasting relationship between both the partners. A bride looks beautiful when she carry the grace of tradition and civilization in her personality.