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Get to know about the Knee cap of the baby?

5/23/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

When you see your little one crawling in all over the room, it will give you the new experience.  Did you notice one thing, while crawling baby speed is more than expectations? It raises couples of questions in mind. The first thing comes in to the mind is about the kneecaps. Is baby is having knee caps. The baby knees are soft and slightly rubbery.

 Know about the knee caps

 The first question which comes into mind of everyone is that do baby have kneecaps. If the answer of this question is yes then when do they get kneecaps? Baby’s knees are different from adult knees. When the baby is born they have patella. Bone is not the main component which helps in building it. Patella is made up of cartilage. This cartilage will tiffin’s and turns into bone slowly. This whole process of conversion is known by the name as Ossification.

 All the bones are in the form of cartilage which slowly coverts into bone later. Patella remains as cartilage which will not transform into the bone after the birth of the baby. It will take more time in converting the cartilage into hard bone. The ossification process in the human being will start at the age of 3 years. Within the Cartilage of the patella, there are the small areas in the bone which will start developing and forming. Well this process continues till your puberty times when it is converted into bone.

Children start crawling with their knees only. Their knees more pressure and brunt. But as the age grows more pressure is put on knees while crawling. Knees are formed by the intersection of femur known by the name as thigh bone along with tiba which is known by the name as shin bone and the patella. Well we are left unanswered about this question does baby have kneecaps?

 At what time babies get Knee caps?

It is difficult to say that baby is having knee cap or not. It depends upon the different perception of person. If they think that baby’s knees has cartilage then we can say that babies are born with knee cap. But if we think that kneecaps are solid bones then babies are not born with knee caps as their knees are softer than adults.  It is assumed that, their knees are like cushion which helps them in protecting from damage when they fall.

 It can also be said that, if they have bone like adults then if they fall, they will get their bone fractured easily.  The cartilage is soft and has rubbery effects which protect the children while falling and they are saved through Cartilage wall. When the baby reaches 3 years of age, this cartilage will start converting into bone.  Thus we can say that baby is born without kneecaps which will start converting into bone after the age of 3 years. We get the best answer of does baby have kneecaps.