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Hair Removal Techniques You May Not Have Considered

5/22/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

For most of us, hair removal essentially comes down to two things: shaving and waxing. As we also know, these techniques aren’t always the most efficient or the most pleasant and can end up costing us a lot of money over time. With shaving leaving us with ingrowing hairs and waxing being flat-out painful, we decided to take to the beauty industry to see just what alternatives there are available. From laser hair removal to sugaring, here are four more hair removal techniques that you could consider!

Depilatory Cream

These creams essentially work by dissolving the hair you want to remove – yes, really. The process, for the most part, is extremely simple and mostly painless so it’s often a store-bought alternative that a lot of people are starting to turn to. Essentially, this cream is smeared over your target spot, before being wiped off after a few minutes leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin! Of course, this comes with its limitations, or we’d all be using it! Similar to shaving, the hair will start growing back in one to three days and it costs around the same as a disposable razor or a new razor head, but the tingling sensation can leave some people reluctant to use it again. Oh, and did we mention that it typically comes with a particularly unpleasant smell?


Similar to waxing, sugaring is the process of using a paste or gel filled with sugar to remove the hair. You’ll apply the paste to your skin and, similar to waxing, pull it either with or against the hair growth. Despite not being all that different from regular waxing, this method is far more environmentally friendly simply because it’s made with all-natural ingredients. There will be some pain, as you might expect, but the paste doesn’t tend to stick to your skin so it’s likely to be a little more bearable than waxing and with the opportunity to make these gels and pastes at homes, it could be friendlier to your bank account too.


Laser hair removal is a treatment that’s starting to gain more and more traction within the beauty industry. Essentially, the laser that is used destroys the root of your hair with light that becomes heat under the skin. As you might expect, this can get pretty hot, so newer technologies tend to come with cooling mechanisms to keep your skin cool and reduce the discomfort. This treatment will take a few sessions to see full results, but it’s also a much more permanent solution to hair removal with only hormonal changes potentially causing you to need a top-up in the future. This method is pretty expensive at first, but when you add up the cost of all of your disposed razors and wax strips, it’s certainly makes up for it.


Electrolysis is actually the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal and generally works for every kind of hair. Where laser removal has its limitations, particularly on lighter hair or darker skin, electrolysis tends to work for any type. By destroying the hair roots with small electric currents, this treatment is the most permanent on our list, though it can take up to 15-30 sessions to get the full effect. In general, the level of pain you’ll experience will depend on your personal pain threshold, but you’re likely to feel a stinging sensation for every follicle that’s treated.

Hair removal is certainly a taboo topic at the moment with discussion circling around whether we should be removing hair at all. However, for those of us who want to do it for our own confidence, knowing how best to keep up without having to spend hundreds on materials or keep shaving every day can make things much easier. Which of the methods above would you try?