How To Apply For Visa To The US In An Easier Way?

5/16/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Initially, it was not so easy to acquire a visa for USA but now the application process has become much simplified and sorted. Now, you do not require moving to any office for making the application rather you can do the same online with few clicks. Before applying for US visa, you have to determine the visa type.

This is because you need to mention the type clearly within the application form otherwise the visa authority will get confused. Now, kids are also in need of a visa for travelling to US along with their parents. After application completion, you will receive your application fee receipt in your email. You should keep the receipt properly as it is one of the important documents needed for receiving US visa.

Employment visa can be easily obtained as your employer will provide you necessary documents needed for making the application done. You can Google properly for joining different useful programs on US visa. These programs will cater you a proper guidance regarding how to apply visa for USA correctly and easily. These programs are mainly executed by experienced visa officers for providing enough knowledge to non immigrants visa to United States.

Tips for receiving US visa easily:

  • You must explain your purpose of US travel clearly so that the embassy consulate can get convinced.
  • You should precisely and clearly state the tenure of your stay in the country. This is because date uncertainty might get your visa rejected.
  • Bank-statements need to be provided for ensuring that you are fully capable financially to take care of all your travel related costs.
  • Producing identity-proof and a proper resident address is very much necessary for receiving approved US visa.
  • Things needed for producing at the embassy:
  • Valid-passport. (Extended validity date can enhance your chances of getting US visa quickly and easily).
  • DS-160 form needs to be completed so that you can produce the same at the embassy. This is an electronically generated US visa application form for non-immigrants.
  • One copy of passport size photograph as per required photo format.
  • Appointment letter for interview needs to be carried along.
  • The application fee receipt needs to be carried in order to prove that you have duly made the necessary payment at the time of processing the visa-application online.
  • Income per month can be proved only via bank statements.
  • Producing credit-card or ITR copies is also needed.
  • Your plan on trip-expense also needs to be revealed.
In case you are going on an employment trip, you need to show your employer’s authorised letter. You also need to show your employment details like position, work responsibilities. Salary, employment tenure and others.

If you have attended any court sessions before then you also need to reveal the same. You also need to submit your criminal background check reports.

The embassy representatives will ask you to show the original documents only. If the documents are found false then you might get subjected towards visa-ineligibility on a permanent note. Sometimes, the travelers also need to disclose the flight details including flight number, ticket info and others. If you have booked your flight to US via any travel agent, then you have to share agent’s contact number with the embassy. Visa for USA is needed every time you travel to United States.