Let's Talk Training - The Pros and Cons of Leg Day

5/31/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

It’s Saturday againand your gym partner is skipping their leg day for the fourth time in a row by ignoring your calls. Well, nobody is keeping a record of how many you are doing anyway, so should you skip it too?

Also, this will save you from the pain you will face over the next few days depending on how consistent you are with your leg exercises. This is one dilemma that every gym freak goes through, not knowing whether they’re supposed to go for it or simply skip it!

The dread is real, I won’t deny it and not everybody looks forward to it. But, you have to decide whether you are one of those people who cower in the face of fear or are you a beast who takes it up as a challenge…literally!

Below we have listed some pros and cons of leg day for you to decide whether it’s best to avoid it or not:


1.      Better balance

Training your back and chest gives you a nice posture, but strong quads will balance your whole-body weight in a proper form. The thunder thighs will also give you those bragging rightsamongst your friends.

2.      Improved metabolism

No other body part demands more power than legs and it does give back too.Being the largest muscle in the body,leg workouts will burn more calories. European Journal of Applied Physiology has noted through their study that after 90 minutes of training,the metabolic rate of athletes increased after leg workouts, which then kept on increasing.

3.      Testosterone boost

Testosterone, a male sex hormone helps build up muscle mass when it comes to your body. The more you pump your legs, the more testosterone will be released in your bloodstream. This boost will not only help increase your confidence, but l also reinforces your will so that you don’t think of skipping a leg workout in the future.

4.      Reduced risk of injury

When an earthquake strikes,only a building with strong base will be able to withstand it. Similarly, if your base-legsare well-built, you will be able to steer clear of injuries and even if you get injured, you will recover fast.

5.      Increased endurance

Some people think that working out legs will make them slowand they won’t be able to run faster. Well, we would like to tell you that this is a myth. When you train your legs, it will build up your leg muscles to last longer,letting you run faster for extended periods of time. Though, depending on whether you are strengthening those leg muscles for running or simply to get them in good shape, the exercises and performances may vary.

6.      Fast fat loss

Lower body workouts drain more energy than the ones for your upper body. As you go hard on your legs, you will feel your heart beating faster along with a non-stop outpour of sweat. Well, if you want to shred faster than others, nothing but going all out on your leg day will help you achieve it.

7.      A better booty

It is not only guys whocheck out booties, but girls too…all the time!Not every girl gets turned on by seeing those hard, chiselled six pack abs; some do like a curvy, round and built up booty. Now that you know it, start adding some glute exercises to build a good one. If you don’t know how to build one, you can hire a personal trainer in London.


1.      Become a meme

Yeah, who doesn’t like funny memes on workouts? We all are hooked onto memesand love to share them with our gym buddies. But, what if one day someone clicks you with yourchicken legs, posts it on internet and next morning you find yourself getting roasted by the whole world?Oh boy, let’s talk about getting famous overnight!

2.      Miss seeing your gym crush

We all have a gym crushthat we love to stare at from the corner of the gym (though, at times it becomes all too creepy!). It feels good toexchange smiles and say‘Hi’s to each other, doesn’t it? But, when you skip leg day, they figure out that you chicken out on your leg days and start talkingto those who don’t… isn’t that like the last you’d ever want in life?

3.      Remaining weak

The hard truth about why legs hurt so much after leg day is that, you have never used them before to lift weights, just like Neo never used his eyes before waking up from the Matrix. If you continue to not use them to their fullest potential, they will get weaker with time. So ask yourself, do you really want to remain weak for the rest of your life?

As you can clearly see, the pros here outweigh the cons. Now, decide whether you want to skip leg day, go to a bar and sip a drink or two,or rather embrace leg day, have a bar on your back (literally!)and bring that ass to the grass!