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MRI Scan –The best tool to diagnose and stage the disease

5/19/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

When it is a wound or swelling outside the body, it is so easy for the doctors to have a look at particular areas and to give the best form of treatment. But when you feel severe pain inside any of the body part, it is to be diagnosed in detail to find the exact reason for pain or other conditions. When an accident happens injuries can occur outside the head, or sometimes blood can come from nose and ear making the individual go unconscious. In these most of the cases, the doctor will first recommend for an MRI scan to check for any of the issues with inner part of the brain or head that can make the situation serious.

MRI Scan is so important

It is found that most of the people ignore CT scan in most of the cases (even though it is not good) when they feel relaxed. But never ignore the need for MRI scan when your doctor recommends it as a part of the further diagnosis. It is so important since it gives the exact picture of the structure of your internal parts. Ignoring the same can result in severe medical treatments in most of the cases and can even affect your life. If you are a Delhi citizen or in the capital city for treatment purpose, you can make use of best mri scan centre in new delhi.

How is it done?

MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a scan that is used to develop the detailed image of inside organs of parts of the body. This is done in a large tube of powerful magnets that is called as the scanner using radio waves and magnetic fields. This can be said as the advanced and safe version of CT scan. The patient or the individual is made to lie on the hydraulic bed and the intended body part is entered into the tube with the smooth movement of bed controlled by buttons. The intended part of scanned in detail to produce a detailed image of the part.

Real success in treatments

MRI scan technology has revolutionized the level of treatment for most of the ailments and is widely used for medical diagnosis, staging of diseases etc. This report is much needed for the doctors to take the decision on further treatments in patients with severe ailments including traumatic brain injury, brain tumors, stroke, broken joints and more. This scanning technique keeps the body free from any harmful ionizing radiation.

Book your scan

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