Visual Voicemail- An Easy Way to Get the Information that Matters!

5/11/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Technology has made it easier for us to communicate and interact with each other. However, most of us still prefer the visual content. This means the traditional methods of the voicemail systems need an adaptation to make them more communication-friendly. The introduction and use of visual voicemail is a step in the same direction.

Experts consider visual voicemail as a great feature in the modern phone systems, especially the VoIP calling. The feature allows the users to check their voicemail through enhanced options and summarised information.

In the visual voicemail feature, one can get voicemail messages displayed on the screen of the phone or the computer. One can also include it in even with several options. These options would let the users navigate, listen, re-listen, arrange, manage, call back, delete send back a message and much more.

How visual voicemail gives the users an edge?

Visual voicemail conveys the series of important information in just a glimpse. The various voicemail messages, including the caller, time of the call, duration-all get displayed. One can save tremendous of amount of time with visual voicemail than using traditional audio voicemail retrieval.

Time saver: Visual voicemail lets your voicemail get transcribed into textual form. So, it becomes convenient to access the voicemail information at any place. One does not require the audio hardware to retrieve the message in the voicemail. You can get the complete information just with your email.
Besides, dialling to voicemail means going through many numbers and prompts for retrieving the message. Everybody who has dealt with voicemail knows how cumbersome the procedure seems on a busy schedule. Therefore, with visual voicemail, you can easily avoid the elongated process to reach the actual message.

Alleviation of confusion: Sometimes, the recorded messages on the voicemail can be difficult to interpret. Have you encountered situations that made you think- what on earth did you hear? Alternatively, it may that your pen had been far away to let you jot down the call back number. Voicemail transcription or visual voicemail lets you have all the information right in front of your eyes.

Higher organisation: Keeping the track of information of who called and when and with what information can be like a juggle, especially when you are managing so many other matters. Visual voicemail gets delivered to one’s inbox and is accessible to you at all times. Moreover, you can forward the information to the right places with just a click. So, you can stay on top of your work and carry out your job in a hassle-free manner.

Instant gratifications: You might be at an important conference when a client call arrives. Although you may be dying to get the information but cannot pick the call! With the visual voicemail, the situation is not a problem when the visual voicemail lets you get all the information in your email box in a written form. All you require is your Smartphone!