General Inclusions and Exclusions in Two-Wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard

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Two-wheeler insurance cover is imperative to save yourself from financial burden and third-party liabilities arising from any mishappening. ICICI Lombard is one of the most trusted providers of two-wheeler insurance in India. Every year two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard protects 60 lakhs or more vehicles from financial burden and legal liability. It also has provisions for online insurance purchase and renewal, and offers both, third-party liability and the comprehensive plan.

Types of Coverage in Two-Wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard

1. Comprehensive Package

A comprehensive package of two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard offers extensive coverage. This means it covers third-party damage, personal damage, damage to the personal vehicle, damage caused due to natural calamities, and damage caused due to man-made hazards.

2. Third-Party Liability

While the comprehensive package covers everything from third-party damage to personal damage, third-party liability two-wheeler insurance from ICICI Lombard only covers the damage to third-party person or property. You cannot make a claim in case of personal vehicle damage or loss.

3. Short-Term Insurance

Short-term insurance by ICICI Lombard has a term period of one year or less and the insurance policy needs to be renewed accordingly. It is affected by all the revisions made to third-party liability insurance rates every year.

4. Long-Term Insurance

While motor insurance policies are generally of a 1-year term, two wheeler insurance policies can have a long-term of up to 3 years or more. This means that renewal of two-wheeler insurance every year is not required. Long-term insurance policies are not affected by the revisions made to third party liability insurance rates during the tenure. However, this also means that it is not possible to change the policy or the premium rate, and new discounts and offers can’t be availed during the policy term.

5. Coverage of Two Wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard

Key features· Online claim settlement
· Online purchase and renewal
· 24*7 customer support
· No Claim Bonus benefits for claim free years
· Tenure options – 1, 2, or 3- year plan
· Towing and roadside assistance
· Cashless claim facility with 2,150 authorized garages
· Add-on covers for pillion rider, zero depreciation cover, etc.
Inclusions· Third party liability cover
· Damage or loss due to natural calamities
· Damage or loss due to manmade calamities
· Personal accident cover up to INR 1 Lakh
Exclusions · Damage due to ageing or wear and tear
· Damage due to electrical or mechanical breakdown
· Loss due to depreciation and other consequential events
· Damage due to war, mutiny, or nuclear risk
· Not carrying a valid license, in an intoxicated state or under the influence of alcohol

Hassle-Free Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim from ICICI Lombard

In case of an unfortunate event, here’s how you can start the claim process of your two-wheeler ICICI Lombard policy:

  • Record the vehicle number of the other vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Take note of the name, contact, and other details of the third party involved and the witnesses if possible.
  • Now, to start the claim process, contact 1800 2666, which is the toll free number of ICICI Lombard.
  • The representative who attends to you will ask a few questions before giving you the details of cashless claim process and other necessary information.
  • If there is damage to self or property, theft, or extreme damage, go to the nearby police station for filing an FIR.
  • Within 1 working day of claim registration, customer service manager (CSM) from ICICI Lombard will reach out to you.
  • Submit the documents specified by ICICI Lombard such as RC copy, filed claim form, DL copy, policy copy, FIR details, etc.
  • The CSM will analyse the documents, provide the repair estimate, and give on-spot approval if applicable.
  • The part of the payment which the policy will cover will be directly cleared to the authorized garage and the CSM will intimate you of the remaining balance to be paid by you.

Third-Party Legal Liability and Two-Wheeler Insurance from ICICI Lombard

Third-party legal liability cover is mandatory in India under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This insurance cover saves you in case any third-party property is damaged or the third-party faces permanent injury or death during an accident. All the liabilities arising from this incident can fall as a huge financial burden on you if you don’t have a third-party legal liability cover. You may additionally face legal implications for not having motor insurance cover.

Buy ICICI Lombard two wheeler insurance cover now. Visit, fill your two-wheeler details, submit necessary documents, complete other formalities, and enjoy insurance cover with ICICI Lombard.

ICICI Lombard: Hassle-Free Purchase and Policy Renewal

ICICI Lombard offers hassle-free purchase and renewal options of two-wheeler insurance online. Apart from this, you can choose a long-term plan, enjoy pillion rider cover, secure yourself financially from two-wheeler damage, and utilize many other add-on covers available. The company provides impeccable online services and you can renew your policy or file for claim within seconds. In fact, ICICI Lombard ensures that your two-wheeler gets back on the road as soon as possible, which is why they offer cashless claim at authorized centres.