How to get more media attention?

6/18/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Whether you are a part of a business or launching a new brand, these days setting up an knowledgeable reputation has become nearly impossible without media help. From press release to your advertisements flashing on big screens, it is the time where nothing runs without media permission. If you really want to boost yourself to rocket height in the world of marketing then you need to utilize some tactics in which media is the strongest option available. Take a glance of everything around you. Each brand, big or small, has approached media in one way or another.

You might not come up with quick and easy ideas to grab media attention. But don’t worry. Here we are to give you top 10 let media approach you.

  1. Connections work a lot: You cannot sit back and relax in a spa and think of contacting a reporter for some coverage. That is not how it happens. You must be social enough to go and make good connections with people from media industry. Reporters, journalists and photographers must know about you. Expand your social circle to let the media persons enter. Influential people from media are found to be remarkably helpful.
  2. Target the audience: It is the audience to whom your work is displayed. It is them who decide whether to give you a push to success or pull you back to zero. Media shows your work to them therefore make sure your work must be in one way or another direct to targeted audience. Target the right audience at the right time. Says NewswireNEXT (
  3. Social media is a powerful tool: Zero doubts on this. It has become a circulating fact about the media industry. You need to make yourself viral? DO something incredibly extraordinary and there you go with millions of views. One minute you are a human next door and the very next minute you are seen on screens all around the globe.
  4. Use official tone in your communications: Your emails, phone calls, business cards and letters must hold a tone of calculated manner. Being official gives a bold impression which is not neglected by the media and audience. Make sure the media can contact you easily. They will not wait for your complex procedures to end. But keep the tone official.
  5. Show off your publications: There is always a start. You must not have been interviewed by any reporter few years back. Then you must have taken start by a small and maybe, not-at-all famous media platforms. Gradually, when you come to surface don’t neglect the previous publications and interviews. Even a minor contribution from a media platform matters a lot.
  6. Cash your media appearances: Attend events as much as you can. Bring the spot light to yourself. When you will go out and become a part of events, media will approach you. Your social circle will expand and you will ultimately score the lime light. Says Ed Cal Media Agency.
  7. Swift use of hash tags: Twitter and Facebook gives us the opportunity to make anything go viral by simply using a hash tag. Follow trends on Facebook and Twitter and become a part of them by contributing a tweet or make a relevant post. This will highlight your social media power and you will gain huge fan following as well.
  8. Reach to bloggers: Writers do wonders! Reach out to writers and bloggers who have a huge fan following. You can even contact those who are not too famous but a combination of famous and not-so-famous writers flooding platforms with your achievements and your name is never a bad idea.