How to get your child style ready

6/13/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

There are many options in children’s clothing and accessories when you try online shopping for kids. We compile an easy guide to get you started.

Buying clothes for your children is not an easy task – kids can often be picky about what they wear, and they can refuse to wear something that you pick but which doesn’t agree with their tastes. Also, they are easily bored when you take them to the mall to shop for new clothes. Why not save time and effort by trying online shopping for kids?

Consider our easy buying guide for stress-free online shopping for kids:

* Nothing itchy or scratchy, please.

Children may not really care what they wear if the clothing is comfortable. But you can expect a fair few tantrums if their clothes are itchy or tight. This happens if the clothing is small, or if it features elements like lace. Similarly, nylon and polyester fabrics can make the skin hot and itchy. When buying clothing for your children, make sure it is weather-friendly and stylish at the same time. Cotton is a good fabric to bank on; just make sure there are no surface embellishments and the fit is comfortable, not tight.

* A roomy silhouette is better.

In fact, your child will much prefer loose clothing than tight ones. The clothes should leave at least an inch away from the skin when it comes to fit. Anything looser than two inches away from the skin will also become uncomfortable. However, do not compromise on the waist, chest and shoulder measurements. The clothes must be tailored to your child’s body and not hang loose like they are kept on a clothes hanger.

* Heeled shoes are okay only for parties.

Your daughter might insist on wearing heeled footwear. Do buy her a gorgeous pair in a fit and colour of her choice – but restrict the footwear’s use only to parties and formal occasions. Children’s feet keep growing to the age of 15 years, and the bones are still delicate as they are being formed. Heeled footwear can damage the arch and put pressure on the ball of the foot. It can cause pain and misalign the tendons and ankle joint. Flat footwear, like flip flops, are best when the sole is firm but not hard.

* Fabrics that are easy to clean and quick drying are best.

Your children are going to play and get rough and tumble when they do. They will have the time of their lives when the monsoon season sets in and they play with the rain pattering down on them. Their clothes are going to get muddy, as are their shoes. You can’t stop them from being children and having fun – but you can certainly buy them clothes that dry quickly and which don’t retain mud for long. When browsing online shopping for kids, look for active wear in Dri-Fit fabrics – these wick away sweat and water from the skin and dry rapidly. Get them football shirts and shorts for the days that it pours down with rain.