Learn How To Develop E-Learning Through E-Learning Content Development Services

6/23/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

When you find learning face-to-face difficult then the only question you ask yourself is “Can I learn this via eLearning?” and the most obvious answer to this “Yes”. There is nothing which cannot be formed into e-learning. All you have to get is a Subject Matter Expert and an authoring tool so that you are able to develop your own e-learning course. It is simple and goes in the following way-

eLearning Course Design

What important thing here is the Subject Matter Expert. Since they are the one which provides text, pictures, videos and other questions regarding the course it is important to keep them updates and copyrighted. The article from the SME will be read thoroughly by the Designer of
learning content development services and its first part will be to provide a perfect strategy on how to represent it. The second part will be to give a proper sequence and add all sources which will lead the learner to learn in the easiest way.

Course Development

Mostly in every e-learning development company the Project Manager, Designer and Developer are different individuals which carry their task efficiently. The Developer always steps forward at this time to create an attractive storyline of the e-learning program.

Alpha stage

The alpha stage is the very first model of the client's course. This will persists every single material like SME and else which the designer insists. It is also suggested all sort of media pictures and attractiveness of the program should be edited at this stage itself. This stage has to be made as complete as possible since this will the one shown to the client to get the feedbacks.

Beta stage

For every program to become a hit, it is necessary to check for previous feedback and try to comprehend it. Beta stage is the stage where e-learning development company implements the changes their client has asked for. It can be something small or a very big structural change in the design. Whatever the type is the beta stage has to be of superior quality. Since it is the last step before sign off, every possible change needs to be amended precisely. 

Gold stage/Sign off stage

This is known as the final stage or mostly a sign off stage. In this stage, the developer of the e-learning program goes through all the feedback and reviews. They further check the course on LMS, if the program seems perfect and functional it becomes ready to get signed off. 


There are many routes to understand about what is learning content development service. There are various factors that significantly affect the e-learning service like a number of team members, amount of project, type, of course, you opt for and also the significant demand. Everything depends on the Project Manager of an e-learning program. It is this person who deals with the client and talks about every needed resource, deadlines and total budget estimation of the project. The success of any e-learning program depends on creativity, team task and excellent time management skills. One has to be fully focused on whatever the situation is in order to make it appraising.