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Stem Cell Therapy is the new cure for Cerebral Palsy

6/19/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that affects motor movement. Damage is caused to the billions of brain cells in the brain which are in charge of the motor controls. Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy can be seen in early childhood and it's earliest symptom is disability in moving certain body parts. It usually happens when the mother is pregnant with her child. During the first few months the growing fetus is extremely vulnerable and can get subjected to brain cell mutations.

A cure for CP has not been found till date and this is because the way the cell networks in the brain affected by CP works, has not been clearly understood till now.

 It is important to understand that cerebral palsy is not contagious and usually doesn't worsen over time, infact it tends to become better with proper treatment. The ability of the brain and the intellect of the person affected with CP usually remains in tact however the different parts of the body become hard to to move and this varies with the degree of severity. Since it cannot be completely cured,this does not mean that death comes early for these people. They tend to live a long fulfilling life if things around them work favourably. 

Stem cell Therapy:

Stem cell therapy is do with the use of stem cells to help treat a disease or completely prevent it. The disease can be life threating or not so much. There are two supremely popular stem cell therapies which are cord blood stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplant. In the former one, the blood from the umbilical cord is used to heal a disease and with bone marrow transplant, the bone marrow from a donor is used to regenerate new cells in the body of a reason affected by CP.

Use of stem cell therapy for cerebral palsy

Stem cell infusion helps in treating cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy Treatment with Stem Cell therapy in india is a relatively new concept but it is fast taking a positive turn with many people coming forward to avail its benefits. In this procedure, the umbilical cord blood is stored and later is infused into the body of the person who is affected by CP, so that stem cells can be introduced into the body.

How does it work?

Stem cells work like magic, replacing the  mutated brain cells with newer ones. Calling it magic is not an overstatement because stem cells get a sort of positive response from the body which somehow discards the damaged cells and creates new ones in its place. New brain cells can also be created with the help of stem cells in a lab.

What stem cell therapy/transplantation aims to do, is to give a reparation and proper protection to the cells before they get damaged completely. If the transplant works successfully then it can make get a person affected with CP gain mobility in his limbs again.