Top Travel Trends Featuring In 2018

6/21/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

The hospitality industry is changing fast. The industry is growing constantly with rapidly emerging trends. Technological change is a major factor impinging on such trends.

Here are some top trends in the hospitality sector experienced by travel and hospitality companies in United Kingdom.

General Changes

Smart rooms:

The adoption of modern technology is manifested in the implementation of smart rooms. Some of the big hotels are testing their mobile-centric hotel rooms, where guests can control TV, windows, lighting, temperature etc. The Marriot hotel chain is setting up its ‘Internet of Things room’ in some locations. This includes the robot Alexa developed by Amazon as well as digital photo frames to upload family pictures during a holiday.

Apps for table service

The ‘order and pay’ apps in bars and restaurants help customers to place an order to their table via an app on their mobile phones. With this, order-at-the- bar has been changed to a table service.

Rise in Air BnB

With regard to value, Air BnB has surpassed the performance some of the biggest hotel brands in the world. Such accommodation will draw business away from big hotels, especially in less well known tourist destinations.


Tourists are increasingly attracted by design, whether hotel is ‘bare minimum’ or big budget. They desire hotels which give a good feeling. Some of the popular architectural trends are open spaces and more natural light.

Good looking hotels are growing popular with young travellers wishing to post attractive photos on social media. So not only should the food taste good, but it must also look good.

Vegan options

The option of Vegan as a food trend has shot up very fast in the past few years with a 360% rise in such diets in the UK over the last 10 years. Hence the number of hotels and restaurants with vegan options has multiplied.

Trends in Hotels

Technical change (cloud and mobile)

With greater onus placed on quality of guest experience, hotels are turning to streamlining of operations and smoothening of inter-staff communication by making use of cloud based systems of management.

In 2018, the booking journey is very much based on mobile technology. Hotels are facing the pressure to offer the best customer journey experience on mobile devices like smart phones. This information is valuable for emerging travel and hospitality firms in UK.

Automated and updated

Speed of information is a very vital factor in the conversion funnel. The modern technology of chatbots helps with this. More and more hotel websites are tending to feature high-impact, low cost chatbots.

Also, in 2018, mobile-first indexing is expected to be fully implemented. This will make hotel websites and booking pages, optimized for mobiles for helping guests and enhancing bookings in 2018.

Date leveraging is another factor. There is much more targeting by online marketing techniques which imply that hotels will harness extra data in 2018 to get in touch with the right audience with the right content. Such data insights can also help hotels to offer competitive rates across distribution channels.

2018 is also the year in which hotels start taking cognizance of environmental friendly practices. These are in sum, some of the big trends of the travel industry in 2018.