123movies an Online Portal to Free Movies and TV Shows

7/30/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

The world of movies is exciting, isn’t it? The action, drama, fantasy and romance are breathtaking. You can easily find free movies on the internet from just a single click but you need a trusted source which you can use to watch free movies online without any hindrance. There are innumerable websites with thousands of movies and TV shows which you can stream for free to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

123movies is an online website which is widely known for free online movies and TV shows streaming and it will simply provide you with the movie or TV show you are looking for so that you can easily watch them for free. Who would like to pay the expensive online streaming websites or the cable TV provider when you can enjoy movies and TV shows for free? But there are several drawbacks of using 123movies which remains in the fact that this website is a pirate website which does not have any copyrights to the content it displays to the users which makes it risky for the users.

How does 123movies work?

You should know that the 123movies website is a pirate website which displays the content on it from other web sources. So basically, 123 movies is not the source itself, it simply pirates and provides you with links from numerous other websites. Which makes them quite risky because they are not legal. You can easily search in the search option the movie or TV show you are looking for then it will simply provide you with the pirated link that will direct you to the movie or TV show you are looking for so that you can simply watch them for free.

What should you remember when you are using 123movies?

The free-streaming feature attracts most of the seekers out there to this website and which it definitely would because they provide free movies and TV shows from just a single click and you don’t need to pay expensive subscription charges so that you can enjoy free movies and TV shows. But with all its beneficial features this site provides insecurity to the users because it is a pirated website and all the content on the website is pirated which makes the administrators and the viewers liable to a crime known as copyright infringement. So you should always remember that you are not at all safe when you use such websites to find free movies online.

Before using such online websites and specially 123movies you should ensure that you are using a VPN service for your security and if you are not, then you should definitely use a VPN when using such websites because it keeps you protected by hiding or faking your IP address.