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5 reasons why you get dental veneers

7/31/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

Who has not dreamed of having a smile movie ? One of those smiles in which the teeth are perfectly aligned, whose enamel is whiter than snow, and even when you smile (and wink your eye at the same time) a star-shaped glitter of your fang emerges.

Of course we all want to be perfect, and if possible without having to resort to Photoshop. But the reality of things is very different.

The reality is that we are all tremendously imperfect, and that although these imperfections are what really make us unique, nobody is happy with them.

And, speaking of the mouth and the teeth, which is what touches us, those imperfections that make us so complex can go through misaligned teeth, yellowish enamel or even unsightly gums. However, for the vast majority of these flaws there is only one solution the veneers.

What are veneers?

These are sheets between 0.3 and 1 millimeter thick, which are placed on the outside of the tooth covering its entire surface. Being of great resistance, thanks to the special adhesive that is used, the patient can lead a completely normal life.

In addition, this aesthetic treatment allows you to literally build a denture following the wishes of the patient (color of the enamel, size of the tooth), always under the recommendation of the specialist, of course.

But, what are the most common aesthetic problems that resolve veneers?

Veneers in response to 5 problems

Thanks to advances in the dental world, we can increasingly turn to more solutions that make us achieve the most desired Hollywood smile. But thanks, specifically, to the veneers, 5 of the most common aesthetic problems can be solved effectively to have the perfect smile more available than ever:

Broken teeth Those people who have suffered a fracture in their teeth, can recover the aesthetics of their smile thanks to the veneers. Choosing a veneer of the same tone as the rest of your teeth and with a minimum of recontoured, you can achieve that the new aesthetic cover is not distinguished from the rest of the patient's teeth.

Enamel stain

There are many reasons why tooth enamel may yellow, or why stains may appear on the teeth:
  • Hereditary factors: Our genes determine, to a large extent, how our teeth are going to develop and, in the same way, what hue they acquire.
  • Eating habits: The consumption of tobacco, red wine, tea, etc. They can cause spots to appear or yellow tooth enamel.
  • External factors: the consumption of some medicines such as tetracycline can also favor the staining of teeth, which can appear gray or brown, damaging the aesthetics of the smile.
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Thanks to the veneers we can get the tone of the enamel that we always wanted (whether it's white Hollywood style or natural white) and stop trying for the color of our teeth.

Desire to have white teeth permanently

Although whitening treatments last for approximately 10 years (depending on eating habits and tobacco consumption), some people decide that they prefer to invest in dental veneers that will allow them to have white teeth. permanently without the need to work on its surface.

Dental malpositions

Although to correct the alignment of the teeth it is advisable to undergo orthodontic treatment, sometimes and in certain circumstances, the veneers can be a much faster and completely painless solution. In this type of dental problems you can not always resort to the veneers, but in cases such as to cover interdental spaces, they are a very good solution.

Forms and sizes of unwanted teeth

When the shape of our teeth (too square, for example) or their size (generally, when they are too small) can lead us to complex, we can opt for the veneers to place on them the dental cover that best fits the smile of Our dreams.

It is clear: the veneers can be a great solution for all those aesthetic defects that make us complex; however, it will be a specialist who determines the suitability of this treatment as a solution to that problem.

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