How to Keep Your Expensive Jackets Clean?

7/31/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

There are cool and comfortable jackets and coats out there that you can have in your wardrobe.  You can find lavish and stylish ones too. But the only worry that lurks at times is cleanliness. Many people dread about keeping the outfits clean and hygienic. You have to make sure that your jackets and coats stay clean and hygienic.

You can buy winter jackets for men and make sure that these jackets stay clean and fresh. Of course, buying a right jacket is crucial but equally crucial is to keep it clean and fresh. You cannot simply wash it and rinse it right? You have to be tactful and mindful about these aspects. Following are a few things that you have to be careful about.

Are you honest?

Be truthful. You have never really washed your winter coat have you?   Just imagine you are told to smell your coat; what do you think it would smell like?   Well, it probably depends on various factors suchas where you have worn it, how frequently you wear it and how long you have owned it. But remember that the takeaway is same: coats are dresses and outfits too. And at times these are costly garments that deserve to be looked after for properly. The issue with not washing your coats ever is that grime and dirt piles up, forming a dirty appearance that is going to, over time, doom the appearance of the coat.  You need to treat your jacket (outer wear) clean so that it lasts longer and stay fresh.

Things to do with down jackets, puffer vests and parkas

To give the outer wear agood washing once a season would help the oils present in the feathers inside and keep it from looking like emptied sleeping bags. Points to consider:
-          Before you do the laundering, check collarand its sleeves and apply a good pre-treatment stain remover in case there is any noticeable filth. 

-          Make sure that you wash with cold water on a subtle cycle that too with your standard laundry cleaner. A please note that when you take out the coat from washer, it might look pretty bad or soggy and dishevelled, but this is all is destined to be fixed in the drier.
-          Make sure that you dry on low heat and low somersault cycle.

-          In order to eradicate strong odour such as mildew, smoke or worse, you can add ¼ cup of vinegar before you get started with the wash cycle in machine. All white vinegar is good and safe for down, but these possess a minty perfumed version that works like an attraction and smells specifically good. Once you have given your jacket a wash with such a substance and add up all the needed ingredients; your jacket would come out clean, hygienic and perfumed.

Thus, once you buy women winter jacket make sure that you make promise to yourself to clean it at least once in a season. If you are not cleaning even the top quality jacket for long; you might be giving it a slow death.