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How to recover from a total knee replacement surgery

7/11/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

The moment you go on to have a total knee replacement surgery, the rehab measures does take a lot of time. In fact it will determine on how active you are going to be back in your lifestyle. You can heal faster from your surgery and in this manner your health improves by leaps and bounds. It would be indeed important that you formulate a plan and the key aspect here is that you do not push yourself that much. You need to be aware on what you can expect during the first 12 weeks of recovery. In this manner you can go on to set the process of healing at the same time.

Day 1

The process of rehab begins as soon as the surgery is done and over. With a day or two you will start using a walking device. Here the role of a therapist does come into play. It is indeed important that you do get on your artificial knee as soon as possible. You can expect the therapist to provide you exercises that is going to strengthen the muscles. You will be guide at each and every stage of the procedure. They will also guide you on how to get out of bed and then walk with the help of a stretcher or a walker. They may advise you to get up from bed, then move a few steps apart and then again get on to bed. They will guide you on how to change the bandage, bathing and then using the toilet as well.

Then they will discuss your home environment with you. Here the use of a CPM would be suggested so that you can use it at home or in the hospital as well. In case of some people they leave the hospital with their leg in CPM. With the help of this machine your leg is in motion and any chances of stiffness are reduced to a considerable extent as well.

Day 2

Then you will be asked to walk with the aid of assisted devices. Instead of a bed pan you may be asked to go to the toilet. In the midst of all this you would need to climb a few stairs at a time as well. Here you may ask to use the CPM machine. Once you do recover from the surgery, your levels of activity are going to increase.


Always opt for the best knee replacement surgeon in India. The reason being they have a discharge plan as well. Your knees are going to become stronger. Then you will be able to exercise and at the same time increase the levels of activity as well. At this point of time the doctor will be shifting your from pain killers to mild dose medicine.

Then the PT may ask you to take a few laps of walk in the hospital room. This would also stretch to climbing the stairs up and down as well.