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Skin issues that can spring up during the tenure of pregnancy

7/30/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

The popular belief would be that the skin glows during the tenure of pregnancy.  But what about that reddish pimples that may appear at the same time. This could be accompanied by stretch marks around the region of your belly as well. Pain medication while pregnant would provide you relief, but you need to understand the skin problems. During pregnancy a lot of changes could be expected and at the same time the skin is not immune to the changes which you are suffering from as well. Most of them tend to be harmless and after the birth of the baby it is going to subsidize on its own. Skin disorders medication would also be a welcome relief at this point of time as well.

Stretch marks

Most of the pregnant women do suffer from the complex situation of stretch marks. If you analyse carefully they are reddish marks that run across the side of your belly. The chances of them appearing are more if you gain weight. So it is better to consult with your doctor about weight gain. But gaining of weight sometimes boils down to the issues of genetics as well. The stretch marks could be prevented if you moisturize your skin with lotion. If you are looking to explore a herbal remedy you would need to discuss it with your doctor first.


This is a common complaint point for most patients at the time of pregnancy. The hormones in your body are in over drive mode and this cause the glands to secrete more oil. This will cause breakouts. Buy an over the counter cream and try to clean your face in the morning and evening. Most of the products are safe to use during the time period of pregnancy, but if you still have any concerns, discuss with your doctor. The acne will reduce on their own once the baby happens to be born.

Skin tags

Harmless tinges of skin could go on to appear anywhere in your body. The common areas are under the breast or the arms. Sadly you cannot prevent them during pregnancy, but once the baby happens to be born you can go on to remove them.


These are itchy rashes during the course of pregnancy. They are red patches which replicate the case of stretch marks. They do appear during the fag end of pregnancy when the baby happens to be stretched out at the most. It could spread over to the legs, arms or the buttocks. This does appear to be a harmless condition, but if you observe it closely could be a lot of discomfort and annoying as well. For sure it is going to go after birth, but still you would need to suffer from it during the tenure of pregnancy as well. There are various types of steroid creams which are available in the market. This would give you a lot of relief from itching at the same time.