Different Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post

8/23/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments

Optimization works of every blog post is the most essential matter for SEO perspective. If you already have a blog and start posting various types of topics to enrich your website with fresh content then you know the value better than anyone. You must need to know about some valuable tips on how can you make your blog posts search engine friendly to rank smoothly in SEPR of major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

The fact is, there are many bloggers with enormous skill of writing and describing the fact, fail to take advantages of marketing potentials and after some hard effort they lose their patience to make their blog popular among their targeted audiences. Here is this article I’m going to state about some vital tips to help you to optimize your blog posts to make it popular in your niche. So, let have a quick look at it.

Proper Keyword Research

Keywords are the backbone of any post you are going to publish in your blog. That’s why you need to invest some hard effort and time to research your niche and competitive keywords and apply it while you are writing your blog. There are many tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool you can find which can help you out to make your research work done.

Maintain Keyword Density

Just like selecting proper keyword for your website, maintaining keyword density in your writing is equally important to optimize your post properly. You must try to include them properly into your Title, Headings and subheadings, introductory sentence, Concluding paragraph, Anchor text, Title tags and Meta descriptions to make your keyword juggle properly all over your writings.

Image Optimization

Whenever you are going to upload an image to your post, don't forget to include keywords in the file name section and fill the alternate text field with a brief description of the image rich with keywords.

Reference Linking

Sometimes we use another blog or article in our blog as a reference of information. There is nothing wrong with it but you must include a hyperlink to the information you are referencing. If you use reference links of some reputed and well-established website then it’ll be an advantage for your blog to stand on in terms of popularity and rankings.

Social Media Promotion

As a digital marketer you must need to promote your all blog posts in your social media profiles. Not only will to make it popular but also it helps you to make your blog SEO friendly. It can bring you some extra traffic to your website and you can directly interact with your targeted audiences by comments and chatting.

You just need to follow those above written points to optimize your blog posts properly and you’ll able to get some positive response as per your works. It’ll take some time to make your post well optimized but it can bring you better results in the end.

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