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Follow the essential steps to maintain your HVAC units

8/15/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

The air conditioner units are crucial for the hot and humid areas to provide the utmost comfort from the scorching heat and unbearable sweat. The AC units help in keeping the indoor are comfortable during the hottest of the summers. If you think buying and installing an air conditioner is all you need to do to enjoy the cool atmosphere, you are wrong.

One of the best ways to enjoy the AC services for a long time is to take care and maintain the air conditioner system. Most of the maintenance and repairmen is done best when you rely only on the best HVAC experts, but there are certain things you can do to maintain the units at home.

Cleaning or replacing the filter regularly or when needed
The most common way to maintain the HVAC system one can choose is by cleaning the AC filters once in a while. It is a task that almost anyone can do and it not only helps in clearing out the piled dust but at the same time you get the fresh air from the unit. When you have unclean AC filters for a long time, the airflow is blocked, or the cooling becomes low and takes time to cool, this can be corrected if you clean the filters regularly. Cleaning it regularly can not only make the air passage easy, but it also reduces the energy usage by 5 to 15%.

Keeping the outdoor areas clean
If you own a split AC unit, you can check the outdoor component time to time and remove any insect or small bird residing in it. If your outdoor area is dirty filled with filth, sand, or debris, the condenser coil gets a coat of grime, and it also affects efficiency.

You need to trim the excess grass or other vegetation from your outdoors and with the help of a hose, swipe away the dirt and dry leaves from the surrounding environment. The internal units of the AC consist of delicate fins that transfer the outdoor air inside. You can clean the fins with special tools made for this purpose, but if you leave the work to be done by HVAC professionals, it can avoid damaging the internal fins.

Check the leaking ducts
When you hire an HVAC professional, don’t forget to check the ducts. The leaking ducts can lose more than 30% of the cool air and goes waste because it does not reach the living area. Make sure to repair the ducts because it can help you improve the efficiency of the unit, minimize the usage of energy, and offer a better living space.

Maintaining big electric units is not an easy task and which explains that it should be done only with the help of experts. However, there are numerous ways to maintain the AC units at home, but there are numerous others that require expert help. Make sure to keep all the functioning and servicing checked of your office or commercial aircon  to ensure better functionality of the AC units.