Tips to get perfect skin on your face

8/27/2018 Lokesh kumar 0 Comments


In addition to cleaning you can exfoliate to clean in depth once a week, both the face and the lips. The stores have a wide variety of scrubs, but if you do not like this idea you can always make a homemade one, fast and simple. Some face fairness tips in Hindi are very useful to get a perfect skin on your face.

One of the most economical is sugar (preferably fine grain to avoid hurting our face). You only have to moisten your face with water and apply with your hand a spoonful of sugar making circular movements and always upwards. You can perform the same action with ground coffee beans. You will get the same effect as if it were a professional scrub. As for the lips, you can use the same, and an additional trick: use an electric toothbrush by gently brushing the edge of the lips, acting as a microfoliant


This is a step that most of us miss, but it is fundamental for our skin. The tonic helps close the pores, remove the soap residue and prepare the skin for subsequent hydration. A natural product very easy to handle and acquire is rose water (also known for its toning properties). With clean skin apply it on your face and neck and let it act all night. Its use will improve the appearance of your skin.
At night the skin works hard to repair all the damage suffered throughout the day. Therefore, after a good cleaning it is also necessary to apply a moisturizer that helps to rest, repair and relieve. While we sleep, the skin is more receptive to treatments, more permeable, assets penetrate and absorb more easily. Moisturizes the skin from the face to the feet

Do sport

It is another of the great face fairness tips Hindi language and, yes, doing sports also helps to improve the appearance of your skin. Exercising hours before sleep also brings benefits to your complexion. Physical activity increases the temperature of the body, causing the pores to dilate. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation and increases the amount of oxygen in the skin. Exercise tones the muscles and that keeps your skin firm and young.

 Facial gymnastics

Many of us forget that the muscles of the face also need to be exercised as a way to avoid sagging and loss of elasticity in the skin of the face. The generic sport helps us to keep the skin dazzling and healthy but it can also be good to perform a series of facial exercises (or gymnastics) that help us prevent the marks and wrinkles that appear with age. There are multiple exercises to prevent the appearance of crow's feet, wrinkles on the forehead or to reduce jowls.

The chest

One of the most common mistakes we make in nocturnal beauty rituals is paying too much attention to the face and forgetting about other parts of the body. The skin of the chest also needs its care, since it is the first to lose collagen and firmness. One of the tricks to keep your chest steady is to wear the Night Bra while you sleep. Its creator,

Night Bra acts at night preventing the breasts from moving and producing wrinkles in the intermammary area: "besides preventing and reducing wrinkles in the neckline, it delays the fall of the chest, relaxes the back, favors the lymphatic drainage and avoids the maxillary cellulites "highlights Elisa Fernandez.