5 Web Design Trends You Can Try to Attract the Visitors

9/06/2018 Rajesh singh 0 Comments

Website design trends rise and fall due to technological and cultural changes. Changing of trends is a common factor that you can see now and then. However, as a website owner, you should cope-up with the modern trends. Otherwise, you will lose the scope to grab the attention of the web traffic. You should create your business website as per the latest trends to make full use of this digital platform.

Are you keen to know about the modern web design trends? If yes, then you may go through the following discussion, where I have talked about this topic.

1.      Bold Typography

When it comes to website design, you should pay attention to each and every particular. From using a proper style of font to selecting the best theme- everything claims your attention. To target the visitors, you may use bold typography font style. Try to use not more than 2 to 3 font styles as this can spoil the entire design. The mentioned font style is perfect for your home page.

2.      Vibrant And Saturated Colour Schemes

This is the age of using vibrant colours in the website. Earlier, the website builders used to create the site with web safe colours. With the advancement of technologies, the device screens have become fit for reproducing vibrant and richer colours. For newer brands, hoping to grab the attention of the viewers instantly, vibrant colours are suitable. To know more about the modern trends of website design in Melbourne or your preferred location, you can consult an experienced and professional web designer and developer.

3.      Custom Illustrations

Illustrations are the best way to create images that are friendly, playful and help in adding an element of fun to the site. If you hire experienced and trained website builders, they will make illustrations that are tailored to the brand’s tone. This trend is suitable especially for the brands that are energetic and fun. However, the other brands with a serious tone can also think of using illustrations to add the elements of fun. But for this, you should consult the web design company that offers customized solutions.

4.      Mobile Friendly Design

Today, mobile browsing is suppressing desktop browsing. Therefore, you should pay attention to mobile-friendly website design. As per the recent study, a large share of consumers orders on their smartphones. To drive the smartphone users, you should ensure the fact that they will get a better user experience. Create your business website with the mobile-friendly feature. Your site must have decent submenu and menu, which fits the small screen well.

5.      Cross Words

Again this is about the use of fonts. You must know that fonts play a key role in website design. You may watch out for words that appear both vertically and horizontally on the same page. The use of this style is the latest trends.

So, this is all for now regarding the latest website design trends. If you want to know more about this topic, you can conduct thorough research with the help of experts.