Parameters of IELTS Language Testing

9/26/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

There is often a lot of confusion about the marking system for the English language tests. No matter how many courses a person applies for and mock tests he or she goes through, there is always an area of doubt. A candidate often sounds surprised or shocked looking at the score. Hence, there is often a question of how to go about preparing for the IELTS exams. Even if one has a slight understanding of the parameters, it becomes easier to handle different sections. You can refer to for any information pertaining to the tests.

General guidelines one should always remember about the IELTS English test:

Different Units: One needs to understand that there are different units that one has to appear for. Unless you are clear on how much each section weighs, you will not be able to prepare for it accordingly. So, you should be checking and verifying on the sections that you will be tested for. Also, you need to know if there are any updates in any of the sections in terms of portion or marks. Only when you have a clear idea on areas to earn marks, you will be in a better position to attempt the sections.

 Written, Spoken, and Listening:

You will be tested for your theory as well as your practice. After all, it is about IELTS language testing and it is also about how you present yourself in the spoken form. Hence, you will have to check if you can be trained in the different sections by the experts. This way, you will be equipped with a better way to perform. Also, you will know which areas you lag and prepare yourself accordingly. All you need to do is update yourself with the relevant information for the tests.

Preparation and Tests:

At any of the training institute, you will be guided for the IELTS test. However, you will be prepared by not just forwarding a study module. You will be given a lot of tests and mock exams. Right from the written to the spoken sections will be given during such mock tests. You will have to make sure to attend such mock exams. They are the stepping stones towards your confidence. The more confident you are the better you will be during your exam day. All you need to do is be consistent in your practice.

There are will be certain areas of IELTS language testing where you will be tested subjectively. However, the more you are equipped with a better language; you will not have to worry about the marking system. You simply have to be perfect with your grammar. Only when you have a strong base, you will not suffer much because of the marking system. Also, the spoken areas are not about pronunciation or accent but how well you can frame sentences confidently. Hence, it is about time to get rid of the inhibition and start performing well with practice. The more you practice the better you will be able to deliver during the actual test.