The beginning of his career

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The career of The Narkhoz Almaty University graduate started taking off quickly: when he was 33, Bulat Utemuratov took over the department of the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, and at the age of 35 he was appointed head of the Kazakhstan Trade House in Austria. A trip abroad opened up new horizons – it is primarily thanks to it, Mr. Utemuratov acquired his capital and useful international contacts.

The diplomatic experience gained in Austria and Switzerland allowed the businessman to head the National Commission on Democracy and Civil Society and help the country cope with the political crisis.

Modernization of the old and the creation of a new

Investment group Verny Capital, which manages the funds of Bulat Utemuratov, successfully finances enterprises that many investors find hopeless. In the field of media, such project was presented by the 31st television channel, which became one of the leading in the country, Yuzhno Kyrgyzskiy Cement plant. With assistance from Verny, Burger King fast-food restaurants were opened all across the country.

One of the boldest projects of Verny is the modernization of the Vasilkovsky Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise, which, once being a loss-making enterprise, was turned into a leader in the gold mining industry (https://bulatutemuratov.kz/stati/vasilkovskoe-zoloto-kak-kompaniya-altyntau-resources-stala-zolotodobyvayushhim-flagmanom-v-kazahstane/). In addition to the large-scale reorganization, the enterprise began to use innovative treatment technology, which allowed to increase the efficiency of work significantly.