The Varied Ways to Keep Items Properly in a Storage Unit

9/21/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

Mini storage or self-storage could be loosely defined as a room rented out to modern-day individuals so that they could keep varied kinds of goods safely while relocating or renovating. Rather than dumping chaotically, which could hamper the overall appearanceas well as impose damages to fragile possessions, it would obviously be better to pack and arrangewith utmost caution. Now seeking assistance from a reputed professional might be beneficial in such a case but if you wish to indulge in this extensive and time-consuming procedure on your own, feel free to keep the below-mentioned tips in mind.

1.      Staying Organized

You must make a list of items and assign each of them to a specific box. It is also essential to remember the replacement value especially if you wish to insure the things later. Sticking labels such as ‘breakables’, ‘electronics’, ‘antiques’, etc. on the boxes would simplify things a tad bit more.

2.      Using Sturdy Boxes of the Same Size

The boxes must be durable enough to easily endure the weight as well as pressure of things inside them. They must be of same size because stacking would be quite difficult if you tend to opt for boxes of different dimensions.

3.      Not Wasting Space

It is necessary to fill up a box completely because leaving even an inch of space can increase chances of tipping over or collapse. However, make sure to mix it up because boxes with only heavier items would be impossible to carry.

4.      Avoiding Plastic Bags

Now many individuals do keep items in sealed bags made out of polythene plastic because they believe doing so would enhance safety quotient to a great extent. But plastic have a tendency of inviting mold and mildew, so, avoiding them is recommended.

5.      Preventing a Watery Mess

You must drain washing machine and defrost refrigerators properly to ensure that they are completely dry because a watery mess inside the storage facility can adversely affect service life of other items kept there.

6.      Smartly Packing the Books

Rather than keeping books standing on their end, which would destroy their binding and make the pages loose, you must keep them in a horizontal manner. Keeping a piece of camphor, some naphthalene balls, or a cloth soaked in turpentine oil would successfully check the entry of worms.

7.      Padding the Delicate Goods

Certain goods such as glass utensils, picture frames, mirrors, etc. require incredible protection. To save them from getting smashed, you must cover these with a bubble wrap or thick packing papers before putting them inside the box.

8.      Dismantling Furniture

The huge pieces of furniture tend to occupy a lot of space, thus, dismantling them stands to be a viable idea. For example, when storing a table, remember to remove its legs but keep the screws and bolts carefully so that they could be assembled later.
Keeping the tips stated above in mind would most surely allow your storage unit even with abundant items to look good.

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