What’s the Best Anti-Slip Material to Use in Industrial Workshops?

9/06/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

Labourers, industrial workers, and even white-collar executives often neglect the workplace safety practices. Safety equipment may not look fashionable, or it may take time & extra effort to maintain all the safety guidelines properly, but at the day’s end, they help workers from getting injured.

Meanwhile, it is also important for owners to arrange staff training sessions. In addition, they should also provide proper training to the freshers before appointing them in the core job. But even after taking all these safety precautions they fail to enhance the safety measures of their workshop.

Several studies have revealed the fact that most of the industrial accidents occur due to accidental falling and slipping. Due to this reason, it becomes important for owners to introduce anti-slip safety in their workshop.  The job is difficult but not impossible. Continue reading to know about the best non-slip material that you can use for building the infrastructure of your workshop.

The Best Non-Slip Material

Neither of the traditional materials has the ability to offer a comprehensive non-slip solution. So, if you are expecting to enhance the safety measures of your workshop by using materials like steel, aluminium, or wood, then it won’t be possible for you to achieve the result that you are expecting.   So, here comes the main question, what’s the best anti-slip material that you can choose to improve the safety measures of your workshop. The answer to this question is FRP.

This is a composite material made of reinforced polymer matrix and fibres. Based on your preference you can choose several materials as fibres. But manufacturers mainly use glass for making FRP. Due to this reason the product is also known as fibreglass.  FRP offers a comprehensive non-slip solution that none of the traditional material offers.

Due to this reason, you can confidently opt for FRP made products like stair nosing, ladders, or platform systems. If you choose these products to build the infrastructure of your workshop, then you will be able to improve its overall safety measures. Apart from the anti-slip profile of the material, FRP is also known for its other benefits. In the below section we will discuss about that.

Additional Benefits of Using FRP

1.      The material is known for its durability. In any corrosive environment, FRP made structures have the ability to last for years.

2.      The material is also renowned for its lightweight advantage. Due to this reason it is easy to shift FRP made products from one place to another.

3.  You can easily install FRP products in your workshop with regular hand tools. Especially its lightweight feature makes the installation process really easier.

4.      The product does not require any additional maintenance services. This is the main reason that makes the material a budget-friendly solution.

So, this is all for now. Hope the facts mentioned here have helped you to understand why FRP is the best material to use in industrial workshops. If you still have any question regarding the topic discussed today then feel free to leave us a mail.