3 amazing tips for BPO Companies to win Millennial Customers’ Hearts

10/03/2018 RAWAT 0 Comments

Nowadays, customers are deemed as one of those primary factors that could give business the required boost. To keep customers associated with the business, most of the organizations provide phenomenal support services with the help of BPO outsourcing companies.

There was a time when impressing customers wasn’t difficult. But in this modern era, winning the hearts of customers, especially the millennial ones has become an arduous task. Unlike baby boomers, millennial customers expect quality, personalization, promptness, etc. while availing support service from companies.

Another reason why it is imperative to impress millennial customers is that they won’t waste much time while writing negative reviews online. As a result, such reviews make a direct negative impact on the business’s reputation.

That’s why it is paramount for BPO firms to put their best foot forward while handling queries of millennial customers. 

Today, we are going to talk about 3 amazing tips that would help BPO companies to win millennial customers’ hearts. So, take a gander: 

1.     Give what customers want

The best way to win the hearts of millennial customers is to provide what they want from you. That’s why it is significant for BPO outsourcing companies to offer ‘Self-service’ facility to customers.

Are you thinking that why self-service facility matters to millennial customers?

Generally, when customers make a contact to get desired resolutions, they have to wait at least a couple of minutes, no matter on which channel they are communicating. Customers often don’t get offended while waiting to get the solution of intricate issues. On the flip side, customers lose their patience quickly when they have a general query.

As far as millennial customers are concerned, they don’t want to be dependent on anyone at least for trivial issues, and that’s why they always want a self-service alternative from companies. Industry reports also concrete this factor by revealing that 69% of millennial customers prefer to solve issues on their own.

Apart from millennial customers’ demand, providing self-service option could be beneficial for BPO companies because agents get more time to solve complex issues if fewer support requests come.

2.     Streamline digital channels

For the business’s credibility, every customer service channel be it traditional or modern matters. But if we put ourselves in the shoes of millennial customers, it is pretty clear that digital channels are more important. This is so because ‘Generation Y’ mostly contact companies by going online.
Social media and live chat are the two major support channels that witness maximum footfall of millennial customers. So, it is crystalclear that a quality customer service should be provided on such channels in order to create a positive brand image.

However, BPO outsourcing companies mainly try to reinforce the voice channel because it gets preference from customers of all ages. To be honest, it is really a good practice. But is suggested to streamline all those channels that are on the favorite list of millennial customers.

We do have some vital tips that would be helpful while optimizing social media and live chat support channels:

For live chat:

·       Tell agents to type in moderate speed so that there would be no room left for typing mistakes.
·       Make chat support agents understand the negative consequence of carelessly using ‘Caps lock’ key.
·       Allow agents to use emoticons during the chat interaction for the sake of elevated CX levels.

For social media:

·       Instruct agents to stick to the point during the customer interaction for a swift conclusion. Consequently, this would help to manage the total number of support service queries.
·       Implement the CRM system to provide personalized support service.
·       Make sure that all customer service interactions are getting ended on a positive note.

3.     Maintain consistency 24/7

Most of the business owners join hands with reputed BPO companies so that customers get unmatched support service all the day and night. Practically, providing impeccable customer service 24/7 with high consistency is so difficult. This is so because the quality of resolutions somewhere depends on the volume of support requests.

Commonly, BPO firms provide better support services at the night owing to fewer queries. However, the situation looks totally different during the daytimeor business hours. Henceforth, it is paramount for BPO organizations to maintain consistency round-the-clock as that’s the way to impress millennial customers.

Here are a few suggestions that could be worthwhile:

·       Study customer feedback, and after that, take an immediate action to weed out loopholes.
·       Solicit opinion from agents regarding how to ensure swift deliverance of resolutions without compromising the quality.

·       Manage workforce as per the volume of support requests.